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Siegery Shop
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Games shops, Container shops, Toy shops, Siegery shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Siegery Shop, Set Sets]
Detailed maps of Ilithi's different roads and towns are painted on the walls. The largest map depicts the city of Shard and the deep blue of the lake around it. Two long tables of polished wood fill the floor space, while a thick black rug spreads from corner to corner. You also see a large sign edged with icesteel and an ironwood door carved with battling figures.
Obvious exits: east.

A large sign edged with icesteel reads:

  The cases hold SETS, you may OPEN them to peek inside.

  Items in this room are very similar, please make sure you GET the right one.  There will be no refunds.

  This whole room is limited to FOUR sales for each FAMILY.  Choose carefully.

  All items are limited in total sales and will be restocked RANDOMLY throughout the festival.

On the ironwood table
Item Price Done
ornately carved gloomwood repair case - Contains: a miniature Dragon Priest crone wielding a gnarled ebony staff, a miniature Dragon Priest intercessor clad in grey leather armor, a miniature Dragon priestess shrouded in a dark challis robe, a miniature Dragon Priest assassin covered in inky black scales, a miniature Dragon Priest purifier painted with vibrant flames, a miniature armored shalswar ridden by a steel Dragon Priest sentinel figurine, a miniature steel Dragon Priest juggernaut armed with an array of explosive orbs and a miniature Dark Hand crafted from gloomwood. 2,164,800   !!
makeshift repair case fashioned from a small keg - Contains: a miniature quartermaster wielding a heavy deobar belaying pin, a miniature navigator garbed in a fancy frock coat trimmed in lace, a miniature swashbuckler brandishing a basket-hilted cutlass, a miniature sailor with a scrimshaw whalebone peg-leg, a miniature pirate wearing a jaunty red sash, a flock of miniature green-winged macaws armed with wickedly sharp talons, a ship-mounted catapult manned by a pair of drunken scallywags and a miniature galleon with blood-red sails perched upon a wave-filled ocean. 1,894,200   !!
sleek repair case fashioned from frosted glass - Contains: a miniature Asketian herald wearing night-black armor, a miniature Asketian harbinger equipped with an ornately carved longbow, a miniature ice adder with glittering fangs, a miniature gargoyle fashioned from lustrous black marble, a miniature ghast tinted an icy shade of blue, a miniature icy blue altar carved with a pattern of writhing adders, a miniature fire-blackened catapult decorated with a pair of black unicorns and a miniature Asketi's Mount topped with the Temple of the North Wind. 1,984,400   !!
shadowy black repair case - Contains: a miniature skeleton garbed in a tabard bearing a faded crest, a miniature corpse grub tinted the color of wet liver, a miniature tortured soul carrying a cracked soulstone, a miniature dark fiend equipped with shadowy black armor, a miniature death spirit with terribly jagged claws, a crude miniature catapult fashioned from a timeworn dollhouse doorframe, a miniature gilded mirror frame hung with bits of shattered glass and a miniature replica of Dunshade Manor. 1,804,000   !!
repair case covered in tawny orange-flecked warcat fur - Contains: a miniature orc bandit carrying a crudely sewn cloth sack, a miniature orc scout with a short red-tipped mohawk, a miniature orc reiver equipped with a pitted steel battle-axe, a miniature orc clan-chief brandishing a notched steel greatsword, a miniature orc raider armed with a rusty broadsword, a squat miniature onager branded with a red bear paw on its base, a miniature warcat launcher made of sturdy iron-banded oak and a miniature manor house surrounded by a ruined village. 1,984,400   !!
transparent icesteel repair case bound in bands of flame-kissed Elven gold - Contains: a miniature multi-tiered stage hung with motley diamond-hide rigging and trapeze, a miniature firebird hewn from a solitary diamond with a swirling molten lava heart, a pair of miniature icesteel strongmen garbed in matching black diamond-hide pants, a slender flamewood fire dancer wreathed in scintillating orichalcum flames, a pair of miniature show fighters wearing shimmering flame-kissed silveress tunics, a miniature articulated smokewood contortionist bound in darkly glittering chains, a miniature icesteel aerialist wrapped in whip-like coils of silvery jaalmin rope and a miniature stylish sword swallower brandishing a slender cup-hilt icesteel rapier. 1,4026,100   !!
On the polished table of ironwood
Item Price Done
pitted steel repair case - Contains: a miniature goblin mercenary equipped with a heavy war mattock, a miniature goblin shaman carrying a shiny stick, a miniature goblin berserker armored in bloodstained chainmail, a miniature goblin archer garbed in boiled leather armor, a miniature goblin chieftain brandishing a pitted steel warsword, a pair of miniature black goblins armed with throwing axes, a miniature rough-hewn oak ballista and a miniature war camp surrounded by a ramshackle stakewall. 1,894,200   !!
twilight-hued repair case dappled with tiny glitter stars - Contains: a miniature dark sprite garbed in a frayed black gossamer dress, a miniature welkin covered in soft brown fur, a miniature nyad tinted in shimmering aqueous hues, a miniature dryad carved from silvery aspen wood, a miniature wind sprite with jewel-toned gossamer wings, a crystalline jar full of brightly colored will o' wisps, a miniature scaled narmorbreth rising up from a rounded bowl of bubbling water and a miniature fairy ring set amidst a whimsically detailed dusk shaded meadow. 2,255,000   !!
oxblood-red repair case shaped like a barn - Contains: a miniature combat mule mounted by an armored one-eyed tomcat, a miniature fighting goose with wickedly sharp steel-feathered wings, a miniature assault sheep with massive steel-reinforced horns, a miniature war goat sporting pointy steel horn and hoof spikes, a miniature armored rooster equipped with razor-sharp steel spurs, a squadron of spotted teacup pigs strapped into winged harnesses, a miniature battle bovine mounted with a windlass-pulled arbalest and a miniature farm surrounded by spike-topped picket fences and a lava-filled moat. 1,804,000   !!
aged Ilithian cedar repair case - Contains: a miniature Elven lieutenant cast in gold, a miniature Halfling scout cast in electrum (1), a miniature S'Kra assassin cast in gold, a miniature Elothean wizard cast in gold, a miniature Elven archer cast in gold, a group of miniature robed mages arranged in a large circle, a miniature ironwood catapult twined with thick vines and some miniature Dragonspine Mountains topped with glittering snow. 1,984,400   
faded leather repair case clasped with a tarnished silver dragon - Contains: a miniature Human lieutenant cast in silver, a miniature Halfling scout cast in electrum (2), a miniature Dwarven axeman cast in silver, a miniature Gor'Tog fighter cast in silver, a miniature Human crossbowman cast in silver, a miniature sleek dragon covered in icy white scales, a mistwood trebuchet lashed together with thick ropes and a miniature war camp surrounding a silver-striped black pavillion. 1,894,200   !!
candy pink lipka cotton repair case fettered in fluttering spun glitter scarves - Contains: a miniature striped lipka cotton circus tent centered upon a candy strewn field, a miniature mistglass fairy floss cart tucked beneath a spun glitter umbrella, a miniature chunky diamond-hide elephant sporting tiny tyrium spun glitter wings, a miniature ringmaster flaunting a vivid jaalmin corset and sleek particolor tights, a miniature tightrope walker dressed in candy pink lace brandishing a glaes parasol, a miniature lion precariously perched on the shoulders of a bedraggled lion tamer, some miniature tumblers garbed in sparkling starlight-hued lipka cotton costumes and a miniature bearded lady armed with spinning razor-edged orichalcum plates. 4,870,800   !!
Sold out items
Item Price Done

[Siegery Shop, Famous Figures]
Brightly painted maps of Forfedhdar spread across the walls, showing icy roads and tree covered mountains in minute detail. A cutaway view of Inner Hibarnhvidar takes up most of one wall, a tribute to Dwarven craftsmanship. Long and smooth, two tables sit upon a thick black rug. You also see a large sign edged with silversteel.
Obvious exits: east, west.

A large sign edged with silversteel reads:

  Items in this room are very similar, please make sure you GET the right one.  There will be no refunds.

  Each surface is limited to ONE sale to each FAMILY.  Choose carefully.

  All items are limited in total sales but will be restocked RANDOMLY throughout the festival.
On the long table
Item Price Done
miniature sand sprite with mischievous sea-green eyes 451,000   !!
miniature granite gargoyle with a scowling countenance 2,570,700   !!
miniature rock troll wielding a sharp pine sapling 1,668,700   !!
miniature celpeze with a mottled dark green hide 5,817,900   !!
miniature Inkhorne flaunting an impressive set of antlers 1,488,300   !!
On the smooth table
Item Price Done
miniature salt crab with a speckled dark blue shell 2,796,200   !!
miniature war mammoth covered in shaggy brown fur 9,020,000   !!
miniature ship's rat covered in matted black fur 902,000   !!
miniature trollkin with sore-riddled pockmarked skin 2,209,900   !!
miniature death spirit shaded in shadowy grey tones 2,119,700   !!
Sold out items from long table
Item Price Done
miniature scavenger goblin carrying a burlap satchel 1,353,000   No
miniature kobold garbed in rusted piece-mail armor 2,255,000   No
miniature wind hound the color of murky icewater 3,157,000   No
miniature crazed madman wearing a tattered tabard 2,886,400   No
miniature cougar with luminous dark gold eyes 3,788,400   No
miniature faenrae reaver with a mane of tangled hair 3,608,000   No
Sold out items from smooth table
Item Price Done
miniature ebon-hued velver wielding a very tiny bow 4,510,000   !!
miniature armored korograth with twisted black horns 4,961,000   !!
miniature bristle-backed peccary with beady red eyes 5,051,200   No
miniature elba darvager shielded by a dark grey shell 5,231,600   !!
miniature brocket deer with a shiny reddish coat 2,029,500   !!

[Siegery Shop, Castles and Cases]
Rendered in precise detail upon the walls are maps of Therengia's cities and towns. Stately Therenborough takes up a whole wall, complete with an inner view of The Keep's hallways and rooms. A trio of black tables rest upon a matching rug.
Obvious exits: west.

On the painted table hued black
Item Price Done
miniature model of Forfedhdar 225,500   !!
miniature model of Qi'Reshalia 225,500   !!
miniature model of Ilithi 225,500   !!
miniature model of Therengia 225,500   !!
miniature model of Zoluren 225,500   !!
On the black table
Item Price Done
gaudy repair case striped with rainbow hues 135,300   !!
plain steel repair case 45,100   !!
glossy black lacquered repair case 180,400   !!
simple repair case covered in red felt 90,200   !!
dark iroko wood repair case 902,000   !!
A white card reads:
"Please make sure you get the right case, there will be no refunds."
On the wood table painted black
Item Price Done
miniature pearl devourer egg resting in a slick pool of shadowy blue-black glaes 2,074,600   !!
miniature steam-powered hay cart teeming with dozens of red-nosed clowns 451,000   !!
miniature halmik and azurelle basket swarming with multicolored kittens 676,500   !!
miniature bushy Vela'tohr plant protected by dozens of slender mistglass vines 3,157,000   !!
miniature glass aquarium stocked with tiny piranha flashing oversized glaes teeth 1,235,740   !!
A white note reads:
"NOTE: These items are siege engines. Please use responsibly and point AWAY from your face. Thank you!"