Gersvinda's Natural Studies (2)

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Gersvinda's Natural Studies
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Anatomy shops, Empath shops, Miscellaneous shops
Restrictions Empath
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Gersvinda's Natural Studies, Makeshift Studio]
The bare metal floors of this spartan room are muffled by several colorful rugs worked in botanical patterns, while a lacquered screen painted with vivid pink waterfowl stands forlornly in one corner. Several aromatic hanging lamps dangle from crude hooks affixed to the low ceiling, their warm bronze and copper tones clashing with the dark grey iron walls. A few colorful tapestries are affixed here and there, but they do little to diminish the austerity of this space. Hung along the walls, three silken ropes -- one red, one orange, and one black -- display vibrantly colored anatomy charts.
You also see a small collapsible table with several things on it, a lightweight portable bookcase with several things on it and a painted door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the collapsable table
Item Price Done
smooth mistwood compendium inlaid with pale white ironwood 9,020   !!
lacquered lacewood compendium 22,550   !!
lustrous copperwood compendium inlaid with a golden design 22,550   !!
simple rowan compendium inlaid with anlora-avtoma 22,550   !!
weighty compendium with sturdy gloomwood covers 4,510   !!
On the portable bookcase
Item Price Done
pearlescent duchess satin compendium heavily beaded with blue-white mistglass 902,000   !!
polished ebony compendium inlaid with an intricate tyrium design 902,000   !!
pristine white compendium embroidered with vivid sanguine spirals 45,100   !!
pallid grey satin compendium beaded with pitch pearls in a leafless tree motif 451,000   !!
stark white compendium beaded with tiny shrike's eye sapphires 451,000   !!
sana'ati compendium inlaid with orichalcum in a labyrinthine design 676,500   !!
midnight-hued shadesatin compendium generously beaded with tiny damilyo pearls 135,300   !!
compact compendium bound with celadon oceanmist satin 67,650   !!
heavy crimson compendium bound with lustrous duchess satin 90,200   !!
slim compendium bound with plush starlight velvet 90,200   !!
On the red silk rope
Item Price Done
Dryad anatomy chart 64,042   !!
Fendryad anatomy chart 64,944   !!
Sprite anatomy chart 65,846   !!
Alfar anatomy chart 66,748   
Frostweaver anatomy chart 67,650   !!
Spriggan anatomy chart 68,552   !!
Gremlin anatomy chart 69,454   !!
Cyclops anatomy chart 70,356   !!
Ati'ket anatomy chart 71,258   
S'lai anatomy chart 72,160   !!
On the orange silk rope
Item Price Done
Adan'f anatomy chart 73,062   
Kra'hei anatomy chart 73,964   !!
Faenrae anatomy chart 74,866   !!
Bear anatomy chart 75,768   !!
Barghest anatomy chart 76,670   !!
Shalswar anatomy chart 77,572   !!
Dyrachis anatomy chart 78,474   !!
Poloh'izh anatomy chart 79,376   !!
Korograth anatomy chart 80,278   !!
Larva anatomy chart 81,180   !!
On the black silk rope
Item Price Done
Bizar anatomy chart 82,082   !!
Pivuh anatomy chart 82,984   !!
Vulture anatomy chart 83,886   !!
Unyn anatomy chart 84,788   !!
Moruryn anatomy chart 85,690   !!
Moth anatomy chart 86,592   !!
Kartais anatomy chart 87,494   !!
Colepexy anatomy chart 88,396   !!
Vykathi anatomy chart 89,298   !!
Wyvern anatomy chart 90,200   !!