Slings and Things (2)

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Slings and Things
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Slings and Things]
The walls of this small room are lined with deep burgundy velvet and embroidered in gold-colored thread. Each piece of embroidery shows scenes of people using various slings and staff slings. The entire area is well lit with a large spherical lantern hanging down from the center of the ceiling, with a light coating of sawdust covering the floor.
You also see a rusty steel door, a sling pole with several things on it, an ammunition basket, a weapon's rack with several things on it, a wooden shelf with several things on it and a stonebow table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the sling pole
Item Price Done
black goblin-skin sling with a branded leather thumb guard 902   
troll-ear sling tied with braided whipcords 902   
shadowy-black sling with spidersilk whipcords 902   
leather sling labeled "Rock Spitter" 902   
black leather sling with braided warcat-hair whipcords 902   
In the ammunition basket
Item Price Done
pyrite clumps - quantity 30 90   
unicorn-carved stones - quantity 30 90   !!
panther-carved stones - quantity 30 90   !!
spider-carved rocks - quantity 30 90   
smoky-quartz clumps - quantity 30 90   
goblin-carved stones - quantity 30 90   !!
blackened steel lumps - quantity 30 90   !!
On the weapon's rack
Item Price Done
bloodwood staff sling with spidersilk whipcords 4,510   
twisted bone staff sling banded in platinum 9,020   
shadowy-black staff sling inlaid with an emerald spider 9,020   
mistwood staff sling inlaid with a ruby scorpion 9,020   
silverwood staff sling topped with a gold skull 18,040   
gold-banded staff sling etched with the silhouette of a howling wolf 6,314   
bone staff sling capped with a black shadowling 2,706   !!
split-fork staff sling capped with a chubby masked ferret 1,804   
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
white leather sling with braided whipcords 451   
spidersilk sling embroidered with a black adder 4,510   
spider-sack sling with braided silk whipcords 902   
soft leather sling with braided kobold-hair whipcords 902   
ratkin scalp sling with a gold-threaded hand loop 902   
fine mesh sling with braided spidersilk whipcords 902   
On the stonebow table
Item Price Done
carved ebony stonebow with black leather sling 27,060   
carved mahogany stonebow with a dark brown leather sling 27,060   
carved birch stonebow with a bright white leather sling 27,060   
carved pine stonebow with a pale yellow leather sling 27,060   
carved cedar stonebow with a beige leather sling 27,060   
carved cypress stonebow with a pale pink leather sling 27,060