Packrat's Piece of Paradise (3)

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Packrat's Piece of Paradise
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Packrat's Piece of Paradise]
Containers literally surround you in this shop, as old and battered ones have been used to partially cover the scuffed metal walls. Several lanterns of different makes hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. The warm light from the lanterns reveals shabby decor around the room and mostly secondhand fixtures. The items for sale resting on the furniture, however, are far from second rate. You also see an exit door, a slanted shelf with several things on it, a rickety rack with several things on it, a discard box, a woven yarn spider web with several things on it and a cracked stone planter.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rickety rack
Item Price Done
mud-stained leather pouch 248   !!
spherical variegated pouch crafted to resemble a dragon curled around Elanthia 1,784   !!
black beaded handbag set with a silver spider clasp 3,608   !!
quilted shoulder bag crafted from random patches 631   !!
mottled reaver-hide sack with bone-tipped strings 1,210   !!
scuffed leather traveler's haversack 2,255   !!
fine linen shoulder satchel stitched with intricate blackwork embroidery 2,255   !!
small neck purse suspended from a braided spidersilk string 1,082   !!
spherical blue pouch crafted to resemble a dragon curled around Xibar 1,784   !!
spherical red pouch crafted to resemble a dragon curled around Yavash 1,784   !!
spherical black pouch crafted to resemble a dragon curled around Katamba 1,784   !!
On the slanted shelf
Item Price Done
A bent sign reads:
"Each of these little things here gots at least one something in them,
what it is, we ain't telling, you'll have to find out."
berry-stained broadcloth sack - Contained: a ripe blackberry, a tart gooseberry, a plump blueberry, a red raspberry, a juicy strawberry, and a dark elderberry 451   !!
mesh candy bag woven with colorful ribbons - Contained: a tiny apple tartlet, a pickle-shaped peppermint stick, a pumpkin-shaped gingerbread cookie, a purple turnip-shaped lollipop, a chunk of exquisite chocolate x5, and an Elothean chocolate truffle 676   !!
small jewelry box painted with origami creations - Contained:a silver origami doll suspended from a black cord necklace 1,623   !!
colorful lunch pail painted with simple stick figures - Contained: a smoked turkey sandwich, some buttery roast corn-on-the-cob, a fizzy fruit punch, a chocolate creme tart, a shiny green apple 721   !!
soft lace-edged foraging apron embroidered with a multitude of fanciful blooms - Contained:some soft gardening gloves embroidered with fanciful blooms 2,706   !!
white linen pillowcase embroidered with an arcing rainbow sprouting from a cloud - Contained:an apple bud dream pillow 1,804   !!
In the discard box
Item Price Done
lurid plaid thigh bag stitched with a multitude of mismatched buttons 315   !!
lopsided pouch knitted with an assortment of yarns 270   !!
patched backpack splattered with paint 360   !!
delicate lace-edged spidersilk bag covered in bloodstains 902   !!
wrinkled cotton sack with a twine drawstring 270   !!
scuffed bamboo doll case with a silver latch 541   !!
woven yarn spider web
Item Price Done
fuzzy hip pouch sewn to resemble a wolf spider 902   !!
blade spider knapsack crafted from fuzzy black felt 2,255   !!
fuzzy wrist pouch crafted to resemble a huntsman spider 451   !!
fuzzy arm pouch crafted to resemble a tarantula 451   !!
white shoulder satchel intricately woven to resemble a giant spider egg sac 2,706   !!
a cracked stone planter
Item Price Done
orange linen pouch cleverly crafted to resemble a day-lily 1,804   !!
green leather pouch cleverly crafted to resemble overlapping leaves 1,804   !!
red velvet pouch cleverly crafted to resemble a rose 1,804   !!
white satin pouch cleverly crafted to resemble an orchid 1,804   !!
purple silk pouch cleverly crafted to resemble a snapdragon 1,804   !!
pink brocade pouch cleverly crafted to resemble a carnation 1,804   !!
yellow damask pouch cleverly crafted to resemble a tulip 1,804   !!