Mercurial Mage

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Mercurial mage
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Mercurial Mage]
Ivory gossamer is hung from the ceiling in broad, capricious swoops, enveloping the small chamber in translucent fabric. Suspended in multicolored glass jars between the gauzy layers, gaethzen shards cast shifting rainbow light over the whimsical shop, illuminating marble mannequins, hat stands, and a shoe rack arranged at the center of the room. Near the back, a velvet-lined eyewear display rests beneath a bevelled marble shelf laden with additional wares. You also see a silver lancet arch and an elegant silver-framed sign.
Obvious exits: none.

An elegant silver-framed sign reads:

    Designed for the fashionably fickle, each of our tailored pieces has
    been lightly enchanted to change colors when rubbed.  Not all garments
    and containers will change to the same set of colors, and items on the
    eyewear display will not change color at all.  There will be no refunds,
    so please shop carefully.

The color combinations are in the following sets:

  • spring green, summery yellow, autumnal gold, wintery silver
  • electric blue, flame-orange, stony grey, cloud-white
  • Xibar-blue, Yavash-red, Katamba-black
  • rich gold, grim black, pure white, neutral grey
On the marble shelf
Item Price Done
slim electric blue bourde handbag clasped with a tiny orichalcum wand 450,000   !!
rich gold pilgrim's satchel stitched with sirese blossoms 120,000   !!
wintery silver wand belt trimmed with florid argent embroidery 120,000   !!
rowan-capped scroll case covered in Xibar-blue moonspun silk 270,000   !!
On the marble mannequins
Item Price Done
flame-orange armure mage's robes with sweeping bell-shaped sleeves 300,000   !!
multilayered dress robes tailored from Xibar-blue moonspun silk 1,120,000   !!
sleek off-the-shoulder robe cut from summery yellow duchess satin 2,750,000   !!
grim black ceremonial robes of loosely draped scalene 2,750,000   !!
On the hat stands
Item Price Done
pointy Yavash-red hat tied with a lavish shadesatin ribbon 225,000   !!
orichalcum-buckled cloche crafted from stony grey khaddar 300,000   !!
pure white farandine turban pinned with an anloral cabochon 360,000   !!
chic floral print headscarf cut from spring green rosecloth 720,000   !!
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
neutral grey monk's sandals with braided silk thongs 120,000   
pair of cloud-white jack boots cut from rugged diamond-hide 680,000   !!
shearling-lined moccasins crafted from autumnal gold suede 120,000   !!
pair of dainty Katamba-black slippers overlaid with marquisette 640,000   !!
On the eyewear display
Item Price Done
windsteel pince-nez spectacles 72,000   !!
silversteel-framed teashade spectacles 540,000   !!
niniam browline reading glasses 700,000   !!
lightweight orichalcum bifocals 350,000   !!