Hero to Go (2)

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Hero to Go
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Weapon shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Hero to Go]
Maps, sketches and paintings from all over Elanthia cover the rusty metal walls. One wall is entirely taken up by a mural of an erupting volcano while a large model of a mechanical dragon hangs from the ceiling. Opposite the mural, a gilded frame displays pressed phofe flower specimens next to a very large sign.
You also see a hook with a couple of things on it, a barrel with a couple of things on it, a weapon rack with several things on it, a long table with several things on it, an accessory box, an armor stand with several things on it and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the hook
Item Price Done
supply sack - Contains: a steel tinderbox, a piece of black flint, a bottle of lamp oil and a coiled heavy rope 405   
A supply note reads:
"For your adventuring convenience, this supply sack contains a rope, lamp oil, flint, and a tinderbox."
On the barrel
Item Price Done
blackened oil lantern 315   
silvered oil lantern with brass fittings 631   
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
feathered longbow delicately carved with images of birds in flight 2,706   !!
blackened shortbow etched with silvery vines 1,804   !!
balanced light crossbow with an intricately carved knotwork pattern 4,510   !!
copper-tipped composite bow painted with autumn leaves 3,608   !!
heavy crossbow reinforced with strips of blackened steel 4,510   !!
blackened steel katar with a soft leather grip 1,353   
golden-edged broadsword with a crossguard forged to resemble phoenix wings 3,608   
scimitar etched with a soaring dragon along the blade 2,706   !!
On the long table
Item Price Done
heavy wool-lined hiking boots 902   !!
woven leather harness with bronze buckles 5,863   !!
broadcloth belt sack reinforced with thin leather strips 451   !!
white herb pouch embroidered with medicinal plants 451   !!
sturdy leather haversack with a darkened bronze clasp 1,804   !!
fine mesh backpack reinforced with strips of steelsilk 19,844   !!
In the accessory box
Item Price Done
fiery red quilted cloth gloves 676   !!!!
fiery red quilted cloth mask 451   !!!!
fur-lined leather gloves 451   !!!!
yellowed bone gloves 676   !!!!
silvery mail gloves 676   !!!!
golden brigandine gloves 811   !!!!
golden plate gauntlets 902   !!!!
On the armor stand
Item Price Done
polished golden plate with forged wing-shaped pauldrons 40,590   !!!!
golden great helm with embossed wings on either side 4,510   !!!!
golden brigandine hauberk shot through with spidersilk strands 9,922   !!!!
golden brigandine balaclava shot through with spidersilk strands 1,804   !!!!
darkened fur-lined padded cowl 1,353   !!
darkened fur-lined padded leathers 4,510   !!!!
silvery chain balaclava lined with soft black suede 1,353   !!!!
silvery mail lined with soft black suede 8,118   !!!!
fiery red quilted cloth hauberk embroidered with an erupting volcano 9,020   !!
fiery red quilted cloth hood 1,353   !!
yellowed bone balaclava painted to resemble a rotting brain 252   !!!!
yellowed bone hauberk painted with bits of rotting flesh 766   !!!!