Cuddly Creations (2)

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Cuddly Creations (2)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Cuddly Creations]
The walls have been crudely painted in a dark midnight blue. An assortment of stars and crescent moon shapes are randomly scattered across the walls in a yellow hue that in some places has dribbled down across the background. Several corners were missed entirely, leaving the metal beneath the paint exposed.
You also see some cloth-lined shelves with some stuff on it, a colorful table with some stuff on it, a large colorful sign and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

A large colorful sign reads:

"These dolls and toys are guaranteed not to kill you -- or your money back!"
On the cloth-lined shelves
Item Price Done
tattered bear missing both eyes 180   !!
soft brown bear with blue mistglass eyes 6,314   !!
soft red bear with green emerald eyes 1,804   !!
soft golden bear with opal eyes 1,804   !!
soft cream bear with smoky quartz eyes 1,082   !!
soft taupe bear with blue diamond eyes 6,314   !!
soft lavender bear with amber eyes 1,082   !!
soft white bear with black onyx eyes 1,804   !!
soft ochre bear with green jade eyes 1,804   !!
soft ivory bear with polished obsidian eyes 902   !!
soft russet bear with blue sapphire eyes 1,804   !!
soft yellow bear with amethyst eyes 1,804   !!
soft chestnut bear with turquoise eyes 1,804   !!
soft orange bear with blue agate eyes 1,082   !!
soft rose bear with green malachite eyes 2,706   !!
soft green bear with red ruby eyes 2,706   !!
A note reads:
"Please specify which color bear you want when you order.

On the colorful table
Item Price Done
These are NOT worn pets, currently buggy (Linett)
bedraggled stuffed raven covered in black silk shreds 1,804   !!
pitch black plush unicorn with a twisted silver horn 3,157   !!
blue stuffed dragon wearing a plumed helmet 1,984   !!
brilliantly colored plush peacock with a silken fan tail 2,706   !!
overstuffed green iguana sewn from bumpy leather 1,623   !!
plush barn owl with ruffled feathers 1,804   !!
brown felt squirrel with a bushy tail 1,353   !!
long-necked plush goose with a blue bow tie 1,443   !!
furry grey wolf with a plush chunk of meat in its jaws 1,172   !!
brown plush otter clutching a bright blue shell 2,255   !!
fuzzy plush raccoon wearing a black mask 1,082   !!
little girl doll wearing a sunny yellow dress 1,172   !!
little boy doll wearing a straw hat 631   !!
brown plush cow wearing a crown of daisies 1,353   !!