Cookie Emporium

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Cookie Emporium
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Front Room

[The Cookie Emporium]
Curved slats of dark wood cover the walls, the planks appearing to be repurposed from oak wine barrels. Thick honey-colored carpet covers the floor. A long sofa lines the eastern wall, crafted from deep golden-colored fabric and overstuffed to the point of bursting.
You also see a large sign, a narrow archway, a tiered walnut bar with several things on it, a carved wooden cart with several things on it, a long cloth-covered table with several things on it and a carved walnut door.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:

"Under New Management!"
On the walnut bar
Item Price Done
beveled-crystal bottle of rich bloodwyne 0   !!
flask of Dergati's Night whiskey 0   !!
bottle of sweet cream sherry 0   !!
slender carafe filled with a deep red raspberry liqueur 0   !!
short glass bottle filled with honey brandy 0   !!
large glass bottle filled with dark tequila 0   !!
large frosted-glass bottle of lime tequila 0   !!
large decanter filled with apple-infused sherry 0   
large bottle of blue-tinged vodka 0   !!
large bottle of white wine infused with several sticks of cinnamon 0   !!
several small bottles of sweet ruby port 0   !!
bottle of ginger beer 0   
barrel of iceberry mead 0   
tall bottle of glowing purple absinthe 0   !!
tall bottle of glowing red absinthe 0   !!
tall bottle of Aged Acorn absinthe 0   !!
keg of sweetened amber ale 0   !!
large keg filled with rich chocolate stout 0   
large bottled filled with red-tinged vodka 0   !!
round decanter of dark fratvarit 0   !!
On the wooden cart
Item Price Done
large tray filled with chocolate chip muffins dredged in brown sugar 0   !!
large sweet yeast cake heavily drenched with rum 0   !!
several loaves of fresh baked caraway bread 0   
basket of savory hot pumpkin bread 0   !!
large tray filled with sweet rolls wrapped in sugar cookie crusts 0   !!
large taffelberry pie with the top crust in a crosshatch pattern 0   !!
tray filled with soft white chocolate truffles in small paper cups 0   !!
large bowl filled with mounds of whipped chocolate mousse 0   !!
silver tray filled with dark chocolate truffles 0   DG
large tray filled with cookie-shaped chocolates 0   !!
several loaves of fresh honey-drizzled bread 0   
large jar filled with cookie-shaped mints 0   
bowl filled with rough pieces of butterscotch toffee 0   !!
arrangement of raspberry cookies overfrosted with buttercream 0   !!
large bowl of strawberry cookies decorated with vanilla seed-shaped dots 0   !!
tray of blueberry cookies drizzled with light sugar frosting 0   !!
small plate of dark chocolate cookies covered in chocolate frosting 0   !!
plate of swirled nutmeg cookies drizzled with maple syrup 0   !!
tray of round gingerbread cookies topped with cinnamon icing 0   !!
almond cookie half dipped in coffee-flavored frosting 0   
On the cloth-covered table
Item Price Done
tray of pale green mint cookies sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings 0   !!
box of cinnamon-swirled oatmeal cookies studded with raisins 0   !!
basket of peanut butter cookies marked with a crisscross pattern 0   !!
large mound of honey cookies baked to a golden brown color 0   !!
large bowl of spicy pumpkin cookies decorated with orange and black icing 0   !!
bowl of star-shaped shortbread cookies smothered in vanilla frosting 0   !!
large plate of tree-shaped sugar cookies sprinkled with bits of dried apple 0   !!
large tray of cinnamon cookies drizzled in lines of white chocolate 0   !!
spiced warm milk 0   
tall glass pitcher of ice water 0   
carafe of iced honey green tea with large black boba pearls 0   !!
large carafe of strong black coffee 0   !!
silver kettle of hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon shavings 0   !!
red velvet cake smothered with cream cheese frosting 0   !!
tall glass jar of colorfully striped sugar sticks 0   !!


[The Cookie Emporium, Kitchen]
A long island counter stands prominently in the center of the kitchen, piled high with baked goods fresh from the oven. Two ovens sit next to each other among the various stovetops and worktables, filling the room with the smell of baking cookies. A small table in one corner is surrounded by chairs, offering a place to sit while eating.
You also see a narrow archway and an apron rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the island counter
Item Price Done
tiered display covered in small lemon cupcakes slathered with bright yellow frosting 0   !!
pan of yellow pineapple cupcakes decorated with small pieces of fruit 0   !!
display of vanilla cupcakes decorated with green frosting and topped with lime slices 0   !!
tray of milk chocolate cupcakes smothered with a layer of roasted almonds 0   !!
tray of dense pumpkin cupcakes smothered in orange frosting 0   !!
plate of marbled cherry cupcakes rolled in bright red sugar crystals 0   !!
tray of caramel cupcakes decorated with a maple syrup frosting 0   !!
plate of yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting covered in sprinkles 0   !!
display of small vanilla cupcakes filled in the center with custard 0   !!
large tray of watermelon cupcakes decorated with caramel sugar seeds 0   !!
rich strawberry cake decorated with a myriad of pink frosting roses 0   !!
hearty walnut cake smothered with warm applesauce 0   !!
rich vanilla cheesecake decorated with thin slices of pear 0   !!
intensely colored rainbow cake with seven differently colored layers 0   !!
large chocolate cake smothered with a good helping of swirled ganache 0   !!
On the apron rack
Item Price Done
black velvet apron decorated with square silver buttons 902   !!
dark orange gabardine apron stitched with colorful felt pumpkins 902   !!
purple cotton apron dyed with pictures of wine bottles and glasses 7,216   !!
pale green satin apron embroidered with ripening apples 6,314   !!
dark red silk apron sewn with a myriad of strawberry cupcakes 8,118   !!
pale blue spidersilk apron stitched with a flock of white flying birds 10,824   !!
white linen apron sewn with colorful cookie-shaped buttons 3,608   !!
sunny yellow twill apron patterned with large white flowers 3,608   !!
bright pink taffeta apron embroidered with several fluffy-tailed bunnies 3,608   !!
tall white chef's hat 2,706   !!