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Look: variable
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: No
  • This item is worn in the shoulder or belt or thigh slot.
  • This item trains a skill with its use.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Hollow Eve Festival 425

Found a narrow felwood bookshelf just outside of the First Arachnid Bank in the festival grounds.


Once every 24 real life hours, you can WRITE in the journal to immediately absorb a portion of your field experience into ranks. The percentage of field exp absorbed per use will slowly increase as you use the journal, until it hits its capped percentage.

The journal also records a little memory each time it's used, which you can READ back later, has some fun verbs, and is wearable (with a few adjustable worn slot options). The way your journal looks can be altered, if you find a merchant willing to change how a magical book looks.


  • 24 hour cooldown.
  • Initially converts 20% of your field experience to ranks. Percentage will increase by 1% every 20 uses up to a maximum of 33%.
  • Write journal highlights something that took place in your character's life recently.
  • You have to hold your journal to use it
  • No charges (it'll read as 0 remaining, but it is unlimited use)


  • STUDY: Looking the [noun] over, you believe you could WRITE in it, READ it, FLIP through it, or ADJUST its worn location. You can also TAP, RUB, WAVE, SHAKE, TURN, CLEAN, PUSH, and PULL it.
  • CLEAN: You gently brush a stray speck of dirt from the [noun]'s cover.
  • TURN: You adjust the [material] quill tucked inside the [noun]'s cover.
  • FLIP: You flip through through your [noun] to a random page and peruse the entry. Today, you wrote about listening to a class on [skill]. The page contains various notes.
  • TAP: You drum your fingers pensively across the cover of an [item name].
  • WAVE: You idly fan yourself with the [noun].
  • ADJUST: You adjust the length of the [noun]'s [material] strap so that it can be [worn slung over one shoulder/attached to a belt/attached to the thigh].
  • READ: You open your [noun] to a recent entry, and begin to read from there... Today, you wrote about listening to a class on [skill]. The page contains various notes.
  • SHAKE: You heft the [noun] up and down in your hand, weighing its secrets.
  • PULL: You tug at the journal's [material] strap, securing it tighter.


These differences are only cosmetic. For your shopping convenience, the looks have been included here.

When getting an item, use the short name (indicated in bold) to ensure that you actually get the item you selected.

On the felwood bookshelf
Item Price Done
white velvet-bound traveler's diary with an aldamdin-plated cover - Bound in plush snow-white velvet, the diary exhibits flawless construction. The little aldamin plate affixed to its front cover is perfectly sized for a title inscription, but the metal surface is smooth and unblemished. 0   
onyx-hide pocket diary patterned with jagged blue spiderwebs - Stitched in shimmering metallic blue thread, a complex web design spans both sides of the diary's atramentous cover. A spider-shaped tomiek buckle is affixed to the front flap, allowing the leather booklet to be strapped shut while not in use. 0   
thick quartz-hide expedition log trimmed with kertig rivets - Bound in coarse blue-grey leather, the handsome logbook has a compass rose design neatly debossed into its front cover and a row of silvery-black metal rivets running along the length of its spine. 0   
smokewood-bound explorer's log nielloed with roiling storm clouds - Rendered with dark metal filigree, stylized storm clouds spiral densely across the logbook's wispy wooden cover. A little niello latch is affixed to the front, allowing the book to be securely shut while not in use. 0   
dingy canvas-bound diary stamped with a skull and crossbones - Sporting a ragged canvas cover with several spots worn thin along the folded edges, the diary is perilously close to utter disrepair. A frayed piece of twine winds around the crude booklet's midsection, allowing it to be tied shut while not in use. 0   
pallid ghoul-skin notebook limned with a scarlet eye design - Desiccated grey ghoul skin is stretched taut to bind the notebook, its leathery surface marred with various unidentifiable stains. Tiny yellow finger bones are stitched along the booklet's spine as macabre decoration, complementing the crude red eyeball symbol painted across the front cover. 0   
tawny firecat-skin journal branded with a pair of crossed swords - Scuffed, scratched, and marred with soot, the journal's cover shows signs of extensive wear. Only a few relatively unsullied patches remain as evidence of the leather's formerly rich golden hue. 0   
leather-banded soldier's journal with a simple ironwood cover - Plain but well-constructed, the journal is held together by a pair of leather strips riveted to the wooden cover. Oil-rubbed bronze fittings serve as the modest booklet's only ornamentation. 0   
goldwood-bound prayer journal emblazoned with thirteen auric avatars - Thirteen golden medallions are arranged in a perfect ring on the journal's front cover, each wrought with a different creature to represent one of the Immortals. A little gold latch is also present at the cover's edge, allowing it to be securely shut when the journal is not in use. 0   
motley jadeleaf-bound field journal dotted with tiny silk wildflowers - Dozens of silk waiku blossoms dot the journal's cover, adorning the plush blue-green surface with a stippling of sunny yellow. A separate strap allows the booklet to be fastened shut with a lapis button sewn to the front flap. 0   
mistwood-bound notebook painted with an idyllic woodland scene - Applied with masterful brushwork and vibrant colors, a charming depiction of blue-dappled prereni frolicking beneath a canopy of cedar and fir adorns the journal's smooth front cover. The unpainted wood of the back features subtle veins of green and silver. 0   
animite-trimmed travel diary inlaid with tricolor gemstones - Barely visible beneath a layer of baroque animite filigree, the diary's rich leather cover is tinted royal purple. Rubies, sapphires, and amethysts are inset into the corners, glimmering softly against their dark metal settings. 0   
eventide suede dream journal embroidered with argent constellations - Glittering thread defines countless tiny starbursts picked out across the twilight-blue expanse of the journal's cover. Thin lines connect many of the silvery points, aggregating them into the familiar geometric forms of various constellations. 0   
bardic blue kidskin notebook embellished with silver musical notes - Debossed into the supple leather, dozens of silver gilt musical notes chase each other across the notebook's soft blue cover in jaunty consecution. A little silversteel buckle is affixed to the front flap, allowing the booklet to be strapped shut while not in use. 0   
sanrisi-bound journal etched with a hexad of elemental symbols - Neatly incised into the dark brown wood of the journal's cover are abstract symbols representing the six elements, each glyph in the hexad highlighted with a different color of paint along its furrowed lineations. 0   
discolored ratskin training journal with patchwork seams - Sloppy, uneven stitches mar the journal's thin leather cover, while a misshapen bone button and a short rawhide cord affixed to its front flap serve as a rudimentary closure mechanism. 0   
gloomwood-bound diary engraved with nightshade blossoms - Inky lacquer has rendered the already-dark wood of the diary's cover nearly black, with only a hint of purple tinge visible in the specular highlights of its intricately carved nightshade design. 0   
rugged mariner's log bound in stormy grey sharkskin - Coarsely textured, the logbook's dark grey cover is tooled with a simple anchor design. A separate strap allows the booklet to be fastened shut with a tiny silversteel buckle affixed to the front flap. 0   
orichalcum-trimmed research journal bound in crimson silk - Stamped with baroque scrollwork, a triangular orichalcum cap adorns each of the journal's outer corners. The same red-gold metal is employed in a tiny buckle that allows the silk-bound cover to be securely strapped shut. 0   
niniam-buckled adventurer's journal with a greenish punka cover - Covered in countless tiny bumps, the journal's thick leather cover is remarkably soft. A separate strap of the same material allows the booklet to be fastened shut with a tiny niniam buckle affixed to the front flap. 0   
angiswaerd-scale scholar's journal embossed with golden geometrics - Manifold triangles, half-circles, and quadrilaterals are embossed upon the journal's front cover, the various golden shapes arranged to resemble Throne City's skyline set brightly against the brownish-grey backdrop of scaly leather. 0   
rosy bourde pocket diary tied with a blushing pink ribbon - Bound in utterly smooth fabric with wafer-thin striping, the cover of the dainty booklet is edged in shireli lace, with silken loops arrayed along its midline to secure the thin satin ribbon that serves as the diary's closure. 0   

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