Just Desserts (2)

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Just Desserts
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Food shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Just Desserts]
Cheerful paintings of portly chefs decorate one wall, most of them working on a cake or pastry. Curtains hang in the corners, each one the color of freshly poured cake batter. Though the shop is cheerful, the near-constant clanking of metal underneath the thin red carpeting ruins the atmosphere somewhat. You also see a narrow rosewood door, a wide shelf with several things on it, a white countertop with several things on it and a checkered table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
polished redwood carton painted with a golden filigree pattern - Contains slice of red velvet cake covered in gold lacework 811   !!
large glass carton frosted with a design that resembles falling snow - Contains slice of snow-white cake decorated with a chocolate fan 1,082   !!
small cedar carton painted with a halved lemon - Contains slice of lemon meringue pie with a flaky crust 721   !!
round silverwood box decorated with cherry blossoms - Contains slice of white chocolate cheesecake decorated with a single cherry blossom 631   !!
small rosewood box etched with deep ginger-colored lines - Contains slice of ginger and rhubarb pie decorated with a rosette of whipped cream 541   !!
dark ironwood box decorated with lines of black latticework - Contains slice of black velvet pie decorated with dripping ganache 992   !!
round wooden box decorated with a dark blue butterfly - Contains slice of smooth white cheesecake painted with a single butterfly 541   !!
thin silverwood box painted with a patch of strawberries - Contains slice of strawberry meringue pie topped with thinly sliced fruit 721   !!
On the white countertop
Item Price Done
sanded teak box artfully branded with a castle image - Contains slice of light grey cake with an intricate brickwork frosting pattern 721   !!
thin sandalwood box painted with a big bunch of blueberries - Contains slice of blueberry cake covered in tinted cream cheese frosting 541   !!
polished cedar box carved with the image of a small teddy bear 902   !!
dark wooden box painted with a bouquet of flowers - Contains slice of light green cake topped with several sugar-spun wildflowers 541   !!
silver maple box decorated with a single white lily - Contains slice of sugary coconut cake decorated with white chocolate lilies 541   !!
white silverwood carton engraved with a glass of red wine - Contains slice of red wine cake topped with strawberry frosting 902   !!
dusky oak carton embossed with the image of a purse - Contains slice of strawberry cake with a delicate fabric pattern weave in the frosting 992   !!
fine ebony carton elegantly carved with a forest pattern - Contains slice of rich ginger cake coated in a thick cinnamon and apple crust 1,082   !!
polished cherrywood carton painted with the image of a single orchid - Contains slice of purple cake molded to resemble an orchid petal 721   !!
burnished lemonwood carton carton covered in a thin layer of lace - Contains slice of sunset-colored cake decorated with a hibiscus flower stencil 631   !!
On the checkered table
Item Price Done
white sandalwood box - Contains slice of red hazelnut cake 744   !!
blue wooden box - Contains slice of blueberry cake 631   !!
fragile silverwood box - Contains slice of mocha-flavored cake 902   !!
small cedar box - Contains Slice of caramel pecan cake 811   !!
small wicker basket - Contains slice of blackberry almond cake 676   !!
round wine-hued basket - Contains slice of wine-colored cake 902   !!
pink and white carton - Contains slice of dark chocolate cake 631   !!
white maple carton - Contains slice of white chocolate cheesecake 631   !!
small applewood carton - Contains slice of apple spice cake 721   !!
white wooden carton - Contains slice of coconut cream cake 631   !!

[Just Desserts, Side Room]
Several scented candles burn on small wooden stands mounted on the painted off-white walls, mixing together a fine blend of scents. A large oval rug decorates the floor, made from a very fluffy shag wool. The corner of the room holds a small cast-iron stove, and on it a kettle of tea is cheerfully brewing. You also see a large table with several things on it, an apron stand with several things on it and a large clothing rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the large table
Item Price Done
small spidersilk sack stitched with an imp devouring handfuls of jellybeans - Contained: a light blue jelly bean, a grape jelly bean, a speckled jelly bean, a vanilla jelly bean and a cinnamon jelly bean 45,100   !!
large satin sack embroidered with images of baking cake - Contained: a warm fudge cookie mixed with white chocolate chips and pecans, a slice of pound cake dusted with cinnamon sugar, a slice of banana bread smothered in a sugar and cream cheese frosting, some thinly baked crackers lightly seasoned with basil and rosemary 2,706   !!
small homespun sack decorated with a cabochon black opal clasp - Contained: a red cherry jelly bean, a spoon-shaped lollipop, a pan-shaped lollipop, a green mint jelly bean, a licorice hat-shaped candy 4,510   !!
small grey sack embroidered with clouds of billowing smoke - Contained: a white skull-shaped candy, a vanilla ghost-shaped cookie, a glazed taffelberry tart, a specter-shaped lollipop, a black jelly bean, a pumpkin-shaped lollipop, a shadow-shaped lollipop, a licorice jelly bean. 4,510   !!
sturdy gloomwood bowl with a muted finish 9,020   
blue mixing bowl painted with a row of doves 721   No
small gloomwood spoon 4,510   !!
On the apron stand
Item Price Done
dark nightsilk apron stained along the front with streaks of cake frosting 9,020   No
deep grey baker's apron printed with a seven-tier cake 10,824   No
well-made satin baker's apron embroidered with several portly chefs 9,020   No
shadowy black cooking apron with dangling obsidian vulture charms 9,020   No
black cotton apron embroidered with doll-shaped cookies 5,412   
leather apron embossed with a Gor'Tog carrying a tray of steaming turnips 8,118   No
dark leather apron affixed with small gloamstone buttons 81,180   !!
tanned leather apron decorated with muted bronze buckles 10,824   !!
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
dark grey damask robe embroidered with an evening garden scene 36,080   !!
simple floor-length robe crafted from crushed black linen 9,020   No
spidersilk hairnet with pitch pearl highlights 94,710   !!
black velvet tunic artfully embroidered with panther silhouettes 18,040   No
floor-length satin tunic colored in rich white wine shades 18,040   No
narrow brown hat decorated with a large cluster of wooden squares 4,510   No
tall chef's hat stained with small splotches of frosting 902   !!
floppy pink hat adorned with a small bunch of spidersilk tulips 902   No
floor-length blue sheath gown crafted from layered samite 18,040   !!
On the cast iron stove
Item Price Done
kettle of blackberry tea 0   !!

The last room is Thief only!

[Just Desserts, For the Fine Chef]
A stark contrast to the pleasant exterior, this windowless niche has almost entirely metallic rusty walls, breaking the cheerful facade. The sounds of food being made can be heard from a nearby kitchen, mixing with the occasional groan of metal striking metal. Hanging on the back wall is a large portrait of a crouching panther next to a prominent poster. You also see a narrow shelf with several things on it, a small ebonwood stand with several things on it, a small ebony tray with several things on it, a small cloak rack with several things on it, a loose board and a large table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A small sign reads:

"Note:  These wrist sheaths are designed to allow for unsheathing without being seen.  
Because of their small size, they will only hold light edged weapons.  
WARNING: When worn properly, these sheaths are completely hidden, so be careful not to forget it's there!"

On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
bluefire velvet wrist sheath embroidered with several purplish roses 180,400   
wrist sheath 36,080   No
small spidersilk wrist sheath dyed with a swirling blue whirlpool pattern 126,280   No
brown leather wrist sheath inset with semiprecious gems 90,200   No
black snakeskin wrist sheath embossed with a shadowy crest 108,240   No
grey leather wrist sheath embossed with a golden-eyed panther 108,240   No
silvery satin wrist sheath stenciled with a horse's silhouette 99,220   !!
green satin wrist sheath stitched with silvery oak leaves 99,220   No
crimson wrist sheath made from deeply embossed leather 99,220   !!
grey satin wrist sheath edged in rows of fine bloodlace 288,640   No
On the ebonwood stand
Item Price Done
diamondique keyblank 16,236   No
darkstone keyblank 7,216   No
haralun keyblank 9,020   No
orichalcum keyblank 8,118   No
gloomwood keyblank 5,412   No
On the ebony tray
Item Price Done
platinum-hued keyblank 13,530   !!
jade-inlaid keyblank 541   No
animite-hued keyblank 72,160   
anlora-avtoma keyblank 9,020   No
steel keyblank 7,216   No
golden-hued keyblank 9,020   !!
silver-hued keyblank 4,540   !!
dark steel keyblank 7,216   No
electrum-coated keyblank 9,020   No
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
pitch-black hooded cloak with a panther emblazoned on the back 45,100   No
midnight blue spidersilk cloak stitched with symbols resembling celestial sigils 45,100   !!
dirty brown leather coat outlined with black buttons 45,100   !!
narrow leather cloak with dark steel buckles fitted along the hem 10,824   No
long black leather cloak with a pale blue moonsilk border 45,100   !!
pale grey leather cloak embossed with small throwing daggers 10,824   No
pure white spidersilk cloak embroidered with twin tiger silhouettes 7,216   No
dark grey spidersilk cloak 7,216   No
deep purple mistsilk cloak with an oversized veiling hood 13,530   !!
black wool coat 3608   !!
On the large table
Item Price Done
carved silverwood lockpick case inlaid with translucent scarlet jade 36,080   !!
ironwood lockpick case etched with a crouching cougar 11,726   No
ebony lockpick case inlaid with dark green jade 27,060   No
rosewood lockpick case inlaid with translucent white jade 27,060   No
goldenwood lockpick case decorated with a black diamond inlay 270,600   No
tray of chocolate shrike-shaped cookies 0   !!
double fudge cookies on a large ebony tray 0   !!