Male Persuasion (3)

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The Male Persuasion
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Clothing shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Male Persuasion, Leisure Lounge]
Panels of rich mahogany cover the walls, their deep cherry grain lustrous under the light of ornate metal sconces affixed at even intervals around the room. With head and teeth still intact, a massive frostweyr bearskin rug cushions every footfall along the floor. An ebony libations table is centrally located amidst oiled leather couches, allowing patrons a place to relax and converse while taking a break from perusing the wares further inside the shop.
You also see a pair of ornate mahogany doors.
Obvious exits: west.

On the ebony libations table
Item Price Done
frosted glass bottle of Dapper Dandy brandy 0   !!
heavy crystal cask of Genial Gentleman bourbon 0   !!
tray of lowball glasses filled with Formal Fellow gin 0   !!
glazed azure clay jug filled with Refined Rustic moonshine 0   !!

[The Male Persuasion, Amiable Arrangements]
Walls of dark burgundy feature a leafy vine trim painted in forest green both along the ceiling and baseboards. A round island built from mahogany serves as a focal point, centered in the middle of the room and surrounded by several thick black ape rugs upon the hardwood floor. Hanging overhead, a wrought iron chandelier supporting a collection of glowing candles illuminates everything on display.
You also see a polished pine display with several things on it, a polished pine rack with several things on it and a polished pine hat tree with several things on it. You also see a tasteful notecard held by a wrought iron fixture.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, southeast, southwest, northwest.

A tasteful notecard reads:

"The items in this room are designed for anyone 
appreciative of masculine style.  Please be advised, 
however, that most of the wares in the remainder of the 
shop are not at all suited to women, and may well not 
fit them in the slightest."

On the mahogany island
Item Price Done
pale westan wool shirt with a notched collar and severe darting 198,440   !!
loose icesteel-threaded lipka cotton tunic 541,200   !!
long zibeline sweater with leather-patched elbows 45,100   !!
whitleather pants riveted along the outside of each leg 9,020   !!
pressed Velakan linen trousers cuffed in virid scalene 180,400   !!
lightweight gabardine trews fettered with carved aldamalm wood 18,040   !!
vented surcoat of chainsil edged in incarnadine cire 90,200   !!
martial-styled overcoat of atrous camlet lined in wool 360,800   !!
jacinthe bourde waistcoat adorned with rows of aoustone buttons 414,920   !!

[The Male Persuasion, Genial Gentleman]
Like a dense coat of mist, layers of glossy grey velvet cover the bright room's walls. Contrasting attractively with the dark hardwood flooring, a luxurious spotted jaguar rug is positioned between several sets of item displays. Filigreed silver sconces provide ample lighting for shopping patrons to view the wares for sale.
You also see a polished maple accessories case with several things on it, a polished maple display with several things on it, a polished maple rack with several things on it and a polished maple table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the polished maple accessories case
Item Price Done
tanned suede hat adorned with a golden hawk plume 3,157   !!
oiled leather belt clasped with an ornate gold buckle 4,059   !!
simple tricolor belt of braided leather 2,074   !!
pair of calf-high russet leather boots with reinforced soles 3,878   !!
pair of navy blue leather shoes with silver-tipped white laces 2,706   !!
python-skin gloves left with their natural hues 1,578   !!
pair of sea green gloves with scrimshawed buttons 1,578   !!
chocolate calfskin hat with an embossed brim 3,157   !!
long twilled scarf done in shades of purple 1,984   !!
goldenrod and sepia scarf with a bold chevron pattern 1,984   !!
On the polished maple display
Item Price Done
stiff bone-white twill shirt with a red houndstooth pattern 27,060   !!
dark aubergine shirt done in a diamond twill 198,440   !!
sunset-hued organdy shirt with round amber buttons 5,412   !!
open-necked white cotton shirt laced with sand-hued linen 3,517   !!
smooth watchet silk shirt with matte silver cuff buttons 17,138   !!
moss-green brocade tunic with a high collar 67,650   !!
napped wheat linen tunic with a small silk-lined chest pocket 4,961   !!
fitted blood-red tunic loosely laced with blue cord 5,412   !!
smoky damask tunic with dark golden accents 13,530   !!
On the polished maple rack
Item Price Done
mottled ochre and white sweater 6,404   !!
heavy smalt wool sweater 7,847   !!
thick fog-grey sweater with faint embroidery 6,765   !!
matte black thornweave cloak with heavy like-tone embroidery along the hem 1,894,200   !!
flowing sorrel camocas cloak clasped with a small silver stallion 13,530   !!
fitted amaranthine cloak with carved onyx buttons 27,060   !!
broad leather longcoat with hammered bronze clasps 8,569   !!
lemon-cream broadcloth longcoat secured by a double series of silken knots 18,040   !!
grey twill longcoat fastened with simple leather-looped toggles 18,040   !!

On the polished maple table
Item Price Done
forest-green breeches with wide upturned cuffs 9,020   !!
narrowly cut breeches of fine pale gabardine 9,020   !!
raw silk breeches belted with woven leather 6,765   !!
oxblood trousers trimmed in snakeskin 3,608   !!
baggy spidersilk trousers dyed a faint mist-grey hue 21,648   
flowing trousers of soft pale jute 2,706   !!
tailored cotton pants with black firesilk trim 7,486   !!
fitted viper-skin pants with a bronzed fang buckle 13,530   !!
loose-fitting caesious linen pants 2,255   !!

[The Male Persuasion, Formal Fellow]
Black satin walls envelop the area in sobering shades, and a sleek golden gryphon rug accentuates the hardwood floor underfoot. Flickering candlelight scatters about the room from the crystal chandelier, refracted through multifaceted teardrops dangling above. The pinpoints of light more than adequately illuminate the collection of men's finery for sale.
You also see a polished black walnut accessories case with several things on it, a polished black walnut rack with several things on it, a polished black walnut table with several things on it and a polished black walnut display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the polished black walnut accessories case
Item Price Done
thin black leather belt with small silver-rimmed holes 3,427   !!
lustrous white silk belt buckled with a complex interlocking clasp 4,510   !!
pair of stiff crimson boots trimmed in silver 3,608   !!
pair of brushed black leather boots with small amber buttons 4,059   !!
pair of formal black satin gloves edged with white silk 1,804   !!
pair of formal white satin gloves edged with black silk 1,804   !!
glossy blood-red top hat with a black brim 3,608   !!
pure white linen cravat 2,255   !!
slate grey madun cravat 4,510   !!
stately black top hat of westan wool 18,040   !!
On the polished black walnut rack
Item Price Done
formal white tailcoat trimmed with black silk grosgrain 27,060   !!
formal black tailcoat trimmed with white silk grosgrain 27,060   !!
smoky velveteen doublet slashed to reveal cream-colored silk 6,765   !!
silvery grey damask doublet with a line of obsidian buttons 9,020   !!
damask longcoat with contrasting shades of deep ultramarine and dark grey 45,100   !!
ashen fur longcoat embroidered with dusk-hued swirls along the collar 22,550   
fitted woolen greatcoat with squared shoulders accented by steelsilk epaulets 18,040   !!
storm-grey greatcoat buttoned with smooth orbs of hematite 8,929   !!
understated covert greatcoat fettered by birch toggles 7,216   !!
On the polished black walnut table
Item Price Done
pair of stiff black pants clasped with a single silver button 2,255   !!
pair of pressed steel-grey pants laced with neat platinum cording 5,412   !!
pair of crisp mazarine broadcloth pants with black pinstripes 36,080   !!
pair of aubergine twill trousers with small onyx buttons 4,870   !!
pair of elegant ebon silk trousers streaked with silver threads 18,040   !!
pair of formal worsted wool trousers shot through with dark silk 9,020   !!
pair of dashing charcoal twill breeches with elegant folded cuffs 8,118   !!
pair of pale brocade breeches with silvered accents 36,080   !!
pair of gabardine breeches with discreet silk-lined pockets 9,020   !!
On the polished black walnut display
Item Price Done
white muslin dress shirt with faceted peridot buttons 3,382   !!
raw umber chainsil shirt laced tightly at the wrists 2,255   !!
taupe silk shirt pinned at the cuffs with bloodwood buttons 18,040   !!
fine bronze cotton shirt open-laced with leather thongs 3,608   !!
austere shirt well-tailored from bone spidersilk 21,648   
collarless jet batiste shirt 54,120   !!
stormy linen shirt with metallic embellishments 279,620   !!
resplendent platinum-embossed silk shirt dyed the pallid hue of eggshells 72,160   !!
white moire silk shirt with a high stiff collar 18,040   !!

[The Male Persuasion, Dapper Dandy]
In shades a bit more cheerful than the rest of the shop, the walls feature a silky covering of pastel blue swirled with sumptuous peach. Spread across the hardwood floor, a plush clouded arzumos rug enhances the eccentric elegance of the room's decor. Soft light flickers onto the various displays from freestanding candelabras placed strategically around the area.
You also see a polished satinwood accessories case with several things on it, a polished satinwood display with several things on it, a polished satinwood rack with several things on it and a polished satinwood table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast.

On the polished satinwood accessories case
Item Price Done
crinkled vermillion belt with brocatelle edging 3,247   !!
pair of emerald brushed suede boots with polished palladium buckles 4,510   !!
pair of virid jacquard gloves detailed in amber 1,082   !!
cardinal red hat accented with a spray of eagle feathers tucked into the band 4,059   !!
pale saffron cire cravat blackworked with an abstract design 45,100   !!
ostentatious emerald cravat 1,984   !!
tall goldweave top hat sporting an aeschelich medallion upon its band 496,100   !!
shireli lace-trimmed gloves studded upon the knuckles with aoustones 441,980   !!
pair of pomegranate suede boots striped with tangerine silk 360,800   !!
glossy blue belt with a aldamalm-set buckle shaped into a pivuh 451,000   !!
On the polished satinwood display
Item Price Done
brilliant tangerine-hued tunic with a squared neck 3,157   !!
chartreuse muslin tunic edged in elaborate embroidery 2,706   !!
showy golden tunic of silver-striped nightsilk 18,040   !!
fitted sapphire silk tunic accented with stately platinum stitching 45,100   !!
rich indigo double-breasted shirt with silver millegrain buttons 21,648   !!
vivid celadon shirt of Elothean silk with a tall embroidered collar 81,180   !!
collared alabaster spidersilk shirt with flamboyant golden stitching 32,472   !!
charcoal watered silk shirt with colorful moonstone buttons 14,432   !!
dressy teal satin shirt with shiny platinum cufflinks 45,100   !!
On the polished satinwood rack
Item Price Done
peacock-blue samite surcoat lined with plush cerulean velvet 63,140   !!
resplendent cloth-of-silver surcoat emblazoned with golden eagles 45,100   !!
brocade and velvet surcoat in vibrant shades of red 9,922   !!
richly woven topaz-hued overcoat lined in smoke-hued silk 11,726   !!
long gridelin frieze overcoat with fat black clay buttons 8,569   !!
burgundy-on-celeste plaid overcoat with large flavescent-trimmed pockets 10,824   !!
pressed white linen waistcoat with elaborate tone-on-tone brocade embellishment 4,059   !!
carmine cashmere waistcoat accented with chocolate leather piping 4,510   !!
absinthe and corbeau jacquard waistcoat fitted with gleaming emerald buttons 12,628   !!
On the polished satinwood table
Item Price Done
rose corduroy pants buttoned with lapis lazuli 4,961   !!
flashy kermes samite pants shot through with silver threading 9,020   !!
dazzling white gabardine pants secured with an elaborate carved buckle 5,412   !!
loose braies patterned with fuchsia and apricot paisley 9,020   !!
loud gold-striped camocas braies buttoned with shining platinum discs 45,100   !!
cobalt velvet braies set with silvery amethyst buttons 22,550   !!
lightweight cardinal red trousers trimmed with beige brocatelle 13,530   !!
lustrous indigo steelsilk trousers with dangling silver laces 67,650   !!
bright cerulean broadcloth trousers hemmed in green-gold brocade 2,706   !!

[The Male Persuasion, Refined Rustic]
Painted a soil brown and dappled with rich earth tones, the canvas-covered walls match perfectly with the dark hardwood floor. Wooden baseboards and ceiling trim of sandy beige complement the furry red leucro rug that decorates the room. Housed in frosted glass, candles in brass-edged holders shed light around the area for the goods on display.
You also see a polished pale oak accessories case with several things on it, a polished pale oak display with several things on it, a polished pale oak rack with several things on it and a polished pale oak table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northwest.

On the polished pale oak accessories case
Item Price Done
thick woolen cap knitted in a cable pattern 1,353   !!
supple hat covered in soft periwinkle velvet 3,698   !!
earthy brown sackcloth belt featuring a zircon leaf buckle 3,157   !!
woven seagrass belt braided with carved driftwood beads 1,533   !!
pair of deep umber canvas shoes with thick leather soles 1,533   !!
pair of mossy green boots held by contrasting rawhide straps 3,608   !!
pair of textured taupe gloves padded with snowy white fleece 1,443   !!
heavy leather gloves with visible wool lining 1,804   !!
simple kerchief of red cotton patterned with white 902   !!
plaid linen kerchief embroidered at one corner with a tiny fox 902   !!
On the polished pale oak display
Item Price Done
ruddy twill tunic stiffly-laced with dangling hide cords 2,796   !!
oiled leather tunic with iron rivets 2,525   !!
sleeveless cotton tunic in shades of sandy beige 1,984   !!
thick ram's wool sweater woven in a textured cable pattern 2,706   !!
plain shirt of napped mulberry silk 2,706   !!
undyed linen shirt with rolled cuffs held by leather tabs 2,255   !!
loose cinnamon felt vest revealing an open-throated layer of gingham 1,804   !!
celery-green twill vest laced along the sides with bone-tipped viridian cording 2,345   !!
rough woolen vest edged in embossed leather 2,074   !!
On the polished pale oak rack
Item Price Done
heavy felt capote dyed the blending hues of the rising sun 4,059   !!
napped straw-hued capote edged with bright vermillion embroidery 4,419   !!
drab olive-hued woolen capote 3,608   !!
oiled sailcloth coat tied with a coarse strand of rope 2,255   !!
textured dark leather coat with a branded image on the back 4,510   !!
terracotta-hued coat of fraying burlap 2,615   !!
rustic raw leather jacket fringed with fox tails 4,690   !!
tan leather jacket lined with forest-green flannel 3,878   !!
rough-spun stammel jacket darned in mismatched threading 4,059   !!
On the polished pale oak table
Item Price Done
rough leather pants buckled along the side of each leg 2,976   !!
reinforced sharkskin pants with rough leather lacing 3,968   !!
loose-cut pants held by a simple rope belt 1,984   !!
pliant doeskin trousers side-stitched in sinew 4,239   !!
textured suede trousers with blending russet hues 4,961   !!
soft ecru trousers cuffed in bronzed leather 4,510   !!
baggy umber trews with carved wooden buttons 4,149   
faded titian trews emblazoned with herringbone patterns 5,412   !!
castory linen trews detailed with thick crosshatch stitching 3,517   !!