Shenneshwi's Stockpile (4)

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Shenneshwi's Stockpile
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Shenneshwi
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Container shops, Clothing shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Leathern Goods

[Shenneshwi's Stockpile, Leathern Goods]
Burnishing tools and hot irons spread across the work surfaces, accessible for the apprentices to carefully work patterns and designs into malleable blanks. The pungent aroma of curing leather fills the air, with little freshness permeating the atmosphere from beyond the coarse door flap. Finished products hang from the wooden poles resting across pipes around the area, the items made available for purchase as soon as they leave the craftsmen's hands.
You also see a mended shelf with several things on it, a sagging rack with several things on it and a wooden clothing bin.
Obvious exits: east.

On the bowed wooden pole
Item Price Done
mottled grey leather bullwhip fringed with sluagh claws 27,060   !!
inkhorne hide bullwhip studded with bits of antler 18,040   No
brilliant scarlet leather signalwhip with a bright yellow cracker 27,060   No
signalwhip crafted from eye-searingly bright green leather 18,040   No
firecat leather horsewhip with a lava sphalerite handle 135,300   No
simple leather horsewhip 7216   No
thin whitleather snakewhip 7216   No
snakewhip crafted from variegated leather in autumnal hues 7216   No
golden leather stockwhip 20,295   No
silver leather stockwhip 20,295   !!

On the mended shelf
Item Price Done
bright pink bota with a bunny-shaped stopper 9020   No
sunny yellow bota with child-like paintings on the side 7216   No
white leather bota incised with a howling wolf below three moons 18,040   No
tan bota with a silver tree-shaped stopper 45,100   !!
leather bota made to resemble a duck's head 9922   No
seafoam green leather bota branded with the elemental symbol for water 9020   No

On the sagging rack
Item Price Done
white gryphon-hide canteen affixed with a silver belt-clip 36,080   No
beaded leather canteen trimmed with iridescent raven feathers 36,080   No
embossed deer skin canteen with beaded fringe 36,080   No
crudely stitched wineskin 4510   No
waterskin stitched with catgut 6314   No
boiled leather canteen painted to look like a frog 18,040   No

In the wooden clothing bin
Item Price Done
sleek hele'la skin skirt edged with needlesharp teeth at the hem 63,140   No
buckskin skirt tooled with stampeding horses 45,100   No
sleek hele'la skin pants with a band of needlesharp teeth around the waist 6314   No
pair of buckskin breeches tooled with stampeding horses 45,100   No
rat pelt hat complete with head and tail 902   No
stiff leather skullcap with a horsehair plume 4519   No

Armor Room

[Shenneshwi's Stockpile, Armor Room]
Sprawling work stations line the walls here, manned by a rotating array of apprentices and artisans. Several tables are arranged in the center of the busy room to allow space for patrons to survey the wares upon delivery by one of the clerks. Obvious exits: east.

On the red-topped table
Item Price Done
tawny leathers dappled upon the shoulders to recreate the markings of a fawn 902,000   !!
oxblood leathers striated to look like exposed muscle 902,000   !!
pitch-black leathers oiled to a high gloss 902,000   !!
celestial blue leathers embossed with birds in flight 902,000   !!
sleek stalking leathers dyed in rich earth tones 902,000   !!
On the green-topped table
Item Price Done
pair of pliant doeskin gloves 180,400   !!!!
pair of gloves resembling partially skinned hands 180,400   !!
pair of black leather gloves with buckles at the wrists 180,400   !!
pair of raven feather-edged gloves 180,400   !!
pair of deep brown leather gloves with sculpted leaves upon their backs 180,400   !!
On the brown-topped table
Item Price Done
deerskin cowl sporting a full set of antlers 360,800   !!
leather cowl designed to resemble a sewn-up face 360,800   !!
cowl of dark supple leather 360,800   !!
raven feathered cowl with a stylized leather beak 360,800   !!
virid leather cowl marked with a raised branch pattern 360,800   !!