Gold-clad priestess of Tamsine

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Gold-clad priestess of Tamsine
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Location: Crossing Town Green South (Ranik Map 1)
Tasks: kill, item recovery


The priestess is clad in tawny golden robes and has a warm, matronly bearing. Completing her clerical raiment, a cat-patterned silk stole hangs past her waist.


  • STUDY PRIESTESS: You've overheard others asking the black-clad priestess about WORK and RIFTS. You also believe you could ASK her for a TASK.
  • ASK PRIESTESS ABOUT WORK: The priestess fixes you with a determined gaze. "There's much work to be done if we hope to avert this crisis, and we need all the help we can muster. If you're up to it, ASK me for a TASK and I'll assign you work."
"So far you have been of great service," she adds, "and we offer our sincere gratitude."
[You currently have X participation points for this event.]
  • ASK PRIESTESS FOR A TASK: "The realms are in dire peril, XXXX!" frets the gold-clad priestess. "Weakened by sorcerous corruption, the very fabric of reality has begun to tear, creating rifts through which chaotic energies and violent apparitions now flow freely. An especially pressing concern is that these creatures, zenzic and starcrashers, occasionally leave behind bits of corrupted star-metal known as loimic. The metal is a potentially dangerous pollutant if left untreated, but fortunately through Tamsine's cleansing fires it can be safely repurposed."
"If you wish to assist us, please recover X chunk(s) of loimic from a zenzic or starcrasher and return the material here to me."
[You may accept by typing ACCEPT TASK, or decline by typing DECLINE TASK]
  • ASK PRIESTESS ABOUT RIFTS: "According to the most recent reports," the priestess replies, "there are anomalous rifts currently plaguing these locations:"
(for example)
1) The Crossing Town Green
2) The Carillon gardens in Mer'Kresh
3) Market Road in Outer Hibarnhvidar
4) The Raven's Nest in Raven's Point
5) River Road in Ain Ghazal