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Hollow Eve tickets can be acquired and spent at Hollow Eve. These can be accumulated both from physical tickets, such as prizes from games like Boggle Blast, and from task rewards during the festival, such as completing a task from Zasele. With the physical tickets, they will not be bound to a character and can be traded or sold freely. The task completions will bind the ticket to the character and can not be traded away.

Use the TICKETS command to check your current total.

Physical Tickets

  • STUDY: Some Hollow Eve tickets will award <number> Hollow Eve tickets when REDEEMED. It can be freely traded, given, or sold to others before redeeming. Once redeemed, it will show in your TICKET count and be usable at special merchants, games, and other activities that require the Hollow Eve tickets. You cannot un-redeem the currency once converted. You can COMBINE it with other Hollow Eve tickets (up to 100,000). You can BREAK it in half.


Better Box o' Gems
Blood and Gourd (2)
Blood and Gourd (3)
Blood and Gourd (4)
Blood and Gourd (5)
Blunt shark's tooth
Boggle Blast (2)
Boggle Blast (3)
Boggle Blast (4)
Boggle Blast (5)
Broken shark's tooth
Bumpy shark's tooth
Chipped shark's tooth
Coarse shark's tooth
Cracked shark's tooth
Damaged shark's tooth
Darkbox 403 prizes
Darkbox 410 prizes
Darkbox 414 prizes
Dull shark's tooth
Flat shark's tooth
Fractured shark's tooth
Glossy shark's tooth
Gnome workman
Harawep Shrine 421
Harawep Shrine 425
Hollow Eve Festival 421/Raffles
Hollow Eve Festival 432
Huldah Shrine prizes 421
Knobby shark's tooth
Lustrous shark's tooth
Musical Chairs of Doom
Nicked shark's tooth
Pierced shark's tooth
Polished shark's tooth
Premium token raffles
Random Crafting Material Rewards/Archive
Ratty shark's tooth
Ridged shark's tooth
Riven shark's tooth
Rough shark's tooth
Sharp shark's tooth
Shiny shark's tooth
Smooth shark's tooth
Snake Pit
Spider Cage
Split shark's tooth
Strange clockwork potato


Ahreusse's Atelier (3)
Ahreusse's Atelier (4)
All Wound Up (1)
All Wound Up (2)
Bare Necessities (3)
Bare Necessities (4)
Beastly Behavior (3)
Birds of a Feather (1)
Birds of a Feather (2)
Birds of a Feather (3)
Birds of a Feather (4)
Chuffed To Be Stuffed (1)
Comfortable Rakash (1)
Comfortable Rakash (2)
Comfortable Rakash (3)
Cutting Edge (2)
Cutting Edge (3)
Diamond Deities (2)
Diamond Deities (3)
Eclectic Eccentric (2)
Eclectic Eccentric (3)
Eye Spy (1)
Eye Spy (3)
Eye Spy (4)
Famous Last Words (1)
Famous Last Words (3)
Famous Last Words (4)
Famous Last Words (5)
Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs (1)
Hand of Glory (1)
Hand of Glory (2)
Herb's Bakery
Holey Warez (2)
Hunka's Burning Love (2)
Jewelry in Phases (2)
Left ForeLeg - Table
Made for Walking (1)
Mordiv's Fun House (3)
Peaceful Intentions (2)
Right ForeLeg - Counter
Smaller Side of Life (2)
Smaller Side of Life (3)
Snake Pit
Tastelessly Tacky (5)
Tastelessly Tacky (7)
Toy Box (2)
Tricky Treats (2)
Wizened goblin leaning on a cane (1)
Wizened goblin leaning on a cane (2)