Kitten Emporium (2)

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Kitten Emporium
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Kitten Emporium, Hollowed Homes]
Above, the metal ceiling is painted black with a sprinkling of glittering stars, while three of the four walls display simple nighttime scenes filled with sleeping animals and dark tree covered hills. Upon the third wall is a distinguished-looking tomcat dressed from ears to tail to claws in a matching outfit as if on his way to a ball. Perched atop his head is a precisely angled top hat and covering his front paws are gloves with holes for his polished claws. Next to him is a tubby tabby wearing a lurid green ballgown covered in tiers of lace and sparkling gems of a vivid pink hue. A necklace has obviously been repurposed into a circlet that lays crookedly upon her head and smooshes down one ear. Above the painting is a banner and below it are metal sales stands.
You also see a silver-edged door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the silver stand
Item Price Done
rugged steelsilk forge with molten red lava sphalerite flames 541,200   !!
stormy grey mistsilk raincloud flecked with lightning amethysts 496,100   !!
gloomy iroko-framed oubliette trimmed with bloodlace panels 1,353,000   !!
tenacious dergatine tugboat with a silverweave smokestack 315,700   !!
glacial winterweave iceberg peaked with frost opal icesilk 721,600   !!
tufted ball of spun rainbow 180,400   !!
mass of knitted scarves stitched into a rough sack 90,200   !!
miniature orichalcum-framed trader shop enclosed in goldweave 1,082,400   !!
On the kertig stand
Item Price Done
elongated red and white striped top hat 9,020   !!
fuzzy white corduroy mouse with bright thealstone eyes 135,300   !!
slouchy brown boot with a crinkled tongue flopping out of its loose laces 9,020   !!
snarling watersilk shark displaying a jaw full of Drogor's wrath sapphire teeth 992,200   !!
tiny arzumodine alchemical workshop 225,500   !!
giant plush spellbook embossed with the word "Sekrets!" 90,200   !!
sensational silveress symphony sack stuffed with slightly shredded song scrolls 496,100   !!
dark shadows devised of dergatine 586,300   !!