Obscured Visions

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Obscured Visions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Hider shops, Magic shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
  • Magic is allowed in this shop.


[Obscured Visions, Entrance]
Large sheets of paper are plastered all over the walls in a rather haphazard fashion, covered with complicated-looking mathematical formulas and equations. Breaking up the chaos a bit are elegant portraits, each one depicting a stern-faced Elothean in mage's robes.
You also see an elegant silverwood shelf with several things on it, an indigo velvet-draped table with several things on it, a white oakwood door and a white satin jewelry tree with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

On the elegant silverwood shelf
Item Price Done
simple silver tailband 15,334   !!
delicately spiraling armband crafted from polished pewter 12,628   !!
hammered bronze tailband 9,471   !!
plain gold armband 40,590   !!
etched crystal armband wrapped with a thin spiral of silver wire 11,726   !!
fine platinum tailband etched with a scrollwork design 72,160   !!
silver filigree armband 13,530   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this shelf are enchanted to hide cambrinth, and hold twenty charges each. Turn the item to use it."
On the indigo velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
wide silver bracelet inlaid with a colorful stained glass pattern 16,236   !!
small silver leaf-shaped charm 14,432   !!
shiny silver anklet made from white ribbon threaded through a line of coins 16,236   !!
small platinum bird-shaped charm with cabochon crystal eyes 64,944   !!
white silver bracelet crafted from heart-shaped links 16,236   !!
twisted copper charm 9,922   !!
braided gold anklet 18,040   !!
simple platinum anklet 63,140   !!
lustrous gold bracelet inlaid with a climbing ivy design 34,276   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this table are enchanted to hide lumpy bundles, and hold 20 charges each. Turn the item to use it."
The charms are generically worn.
On the white satin jewelry tree
Item Price Done
weighted chain necklace crafted from twisted pewter links 13,530   !!
elegant onyx earcuff decorated with a spiral of golden wire 27,060   !!
gold ring 45,100   !!
simple silver necklace 12,628   !!
twisted bronze and copper ring 15,334   !!
ornate platinum necklace hung with a crystal teardrop 76,670   !!
silver ring 12,628   !!
polished gold necklace made from interlocking seven-pointed stars 36,080   !!
polished brass earcuff 9,922   !!
small silver earcuff shaped to look like a coiling snake 13,530   !!
platinum wire earcuff laced with tiny flower-shaped crystal beads 63,140   !!
polished platinum ring etched with the outline of an open rose 81,180   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this jewelry tree are enchanted to hide gwethdesuans, and hold 20 charges each. Turn the item to use it."

Iron and Fire

[Obscured Visions, Iron and Fire]
Although the metallic walls of this small triangular shop are completely unadorned, they have been polished to almost a mirror finish. Burning in the center of the room is a low brazier made of solid iron, casting orange light over the nearby wares.
You also see a metal flame-edged table with several things on it, a polished iron counter with several things on it and a dark steel display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the metal flame-edged table
Item Price Done
blackened iron torque decorated with a raised pattern of dark orange flames 19,844   !!
polished iron torque engraved with a tangle of thorny vines 19,844   !!
polished iron locket shaped to resemble a closed book 19,844   !!
blackened iron locket etched with the image of a burning forest 20,746   !!
twisted iron torque painted with dark flames on one edge 19,844   !!
polished steel locket 19,844   !!
dark steel torque 20,746   !!
dark steel chain crafted from interlocking links of discolored metal 18,942   !!
dark iron torque fitted with orange and red glass that resembles roiling lava 21,648   !!
brass-inlaid iron locket adorned with the image of a rampant griffin 19,844   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this table are enchanted to hide backpacks, satchels, packs and rucksacks along with lumpy bundles. They hold 20 charges each. Turn the item to use it."
On the polished iron counter
Item Price Done
fringed deerskin hip pouch decorated with colorful glass beads 11,726   !!
tooled leather sheath decorated with iron filigree resembling a flying dragon 12,628   !!
black snakeskin sheath wrapped with twisted iron wire 12,628   !!
sturdy green damask pouch adorned with a leaf-shaped iron clasp 13,530   !!
plain leather sheath 9,471   !!
elegant deerskin sheath branded with the stylized silhouette of an antelope 12,628   !!
sturdy leather pouch set with a square-shaped clasp 10,824   !!
fine spidersilk hip pouch set with a small flame-shaped clasp 16,236   !!
reinforced leather pouch adorned with a cluster of etched iron feathers 10,824   !!
ornate black leather sheath trimmed with iron flame-shaped caps 11,726   !!
leather hip pouch 9,471   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this counter are enchanted to hide belt-worn items and hold twenty charges each. Turn the item to use it."
On the dark steel display
Item Price Done
dark steel earcuff crafted to resemble a pair of broken handcuffs 20,746   !!
black cotton bandana adorned with a small iron wolf-shaped charm 20,746   !!
solid iron earcuff hung with a small ship's anchor 18,942   !!
spiked iron earcuff crafted to resemble a tangled hedge of thorns 19,844   !!
dark steel earcuff hung with an arrowhead-shaped scarlet jade 20,746   !!
dark red linen bandana 21,648   !!
white satin scarf silkscreened with a pattern of flame roses 27,060   !!
knit wool scarf with alternating orange and red patterns 22,550   !!
embroidered steelsilk bandana decorated with patterns of swirling flames 36,080   !!
A small note reads: "The items on this display are enchanted to hide both worn cambrinth and gwethdesuans and hold twenty charges each. Turn the item to use it."


[Obscured Visions, Shadows]
Crushed black velvet hung in this corner of the room has created a lustrous canopy, obscuring the metallic walls and draping elegantly overhead as an elaborate curtain. Candles placed upon small stands provide just enough light to see the wares set out.
You also see a crystal necklace stand with several things on it, a black satin-draped shelf with several things on it and a silverwood jewelry tree with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

On the crystal necklace stand
Item Price Done
twisted copper necklace 9,922   !!
platinum drop pendant set with a row of four diamonds of ice-blue colored glass 25,256   !!
weighted platinum necklace decorated with a line of faceted ruby teardrops 22,550   !!
fine silver pendant hung with a multicolored glass butterfly 13,530   !!
thin silver necklace threaded with a number of seed pearls 12,628   !!
silver rope-braided necklace hung with a pendant resembling a tattooed hand 15,334   !!
heavy gold amulet carved in the shape of a diamond-eyed seahorse 19,844   !!
twisted bronze necklace threaded with a multitude of colored glass beads 13,530   !!
platinum filigree pendant strung with beads of polished amethyst 24,354   !!
braided animite necklace with small diamonds caught between the links 451,000   !!
simple platinum pendant 18,040   !!
polished silver amulet engraved with two swans floating on a lake 16,236   !!
A small note reads: "The necklaces on this stand are enchanted to hide cambrinth, and hold twenty charges each. Turn the item to use it."
On the black satin-draped shelf
Item Price Done
leather traveler's backpack 9,922   !!
white homespun backpack adorned with a silver flower-shaped clasp 11,726   !!
red leucro-hide backpack set with a silver fang-shaped clasp 13,530   !!
elegant nightweaver silk backpack set with a platinum spider clasp 72,160   !!
grey sharkskin backpack set with an opal and silver eye-shaped clasp 27,060   !!
black snakeskin backpack clasped with a gold serpent coiled around a sapphire 18,040   !!
sturdy leather backpack set with a small leaf-shaped silver clasp 9,922   !!
finely-stitched canvas backpack set with a silver dragon-shaped clasp 10,824   !!
well-made spidersilk backpack clasped with a silver diamond-studded teardrop 27,060   !!
dark green damask backpack set with a gold tree-shaped clasp 20,746   !!
A small note reads: "The backpacks on this shelf are fitted with clasps that are enchanted to hide both themselves and other packs. They hold twenty charges each. Turn the backpack to use it."
On the silverwood jewelry tree
Item Price Done
Elven silver ring carved with knotwork surrounding a deep purple tanzanite 22,550   !!
pair of cabochon moonstone earrings set in darkened brass leaf-shaped settings 19,844   !!
simple silver ring 9,922   !!
triple-strand red gold hip-chain set with carved scarlet jade 31,570   !!
ornate platinum hip-chain made of coin-shaped discs threaded on silk ribbon 25,256   !!
pair of crystal drop earrings in delicate silver settings 13,530   !!
whorled platinum ring set with a cluster of pink sapphires 45,100   !!
polished gold ring 16,236   !!
plain platinum ring 19,844   !!
pair of platinum earrings formed from small interlocking rings 22,550   !!
faceted diamond earrings set in bluish-white anlora-avtoma studs 27,060   !!
interlocking white gold hip-chain set with a single violet heart amethyst 27,060   !!
A small note reads: "The jewelry on this tree is enchanted to hide cambrinth. They hold twenty charges each. Turn the item to use it."