Heartstring lace

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A lace made from the combination of spun fibers of the taffelberry bush and soft silk.

Tiny hearts are knitted and strung together by a single strand, giving the lace its name. Olvi girls are traditionally taught this stitch by an elder female in her family cozied up to a winter's fire over tarts and tea, where they learn of life and love and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The lace will hold dye easily, however, undyed it is a soft lilac color. It's mainly used as an edging or overlay and should not be used as a whole dress or shirt as one tug of a string could release the entirety of the worked piece.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Assortment of tattered papers swathed in heartstring laceSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/Incidental loottrue
Barefoot heartstring lace sandals braided with daisiesSmaller Side of Life (3)true
Braided heartstring lace nuptial nooseHollow Eve Festival 425/Rafflestrue
Charming petalette apron trimmed with heartstring laceLimited Treasures (3)Fetching cobalt turbaurs dirndl with intricate romantic ballad peony appliquetrue
Dainty celadon wrist purse edged in heartstring laceSketchy By Design (7)true
Dainty heartstring lace parasol with dangling rose gold charmsReturn to the Keep 431/Supply Wagontrue
Dainty heartstring lace purse adorned with moon pearl fringeAll the Loottrue
Daring cerulean satin safos tightly swathed in heartstring laceComfortable Rakash (4)true
Demure ivory ballgown edged with heartstring laceFiner Things (3)Finer Things (4)true
Empire-waisted indigo silk gown with a heartstring lace overlaySleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loottrue
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