Faithful Defender (2)

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The Faithful Defender
Event Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Shield shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Faithful Defender, Gallery]
Lavish, gold-threaded brocades drape the gallery in elegant splendor while thick, cerulean carpets blanket the area for the many shoppers, casually perusing the various consignments. A multi-tiered chandelier, set with amber-colored gaethzen orbs, casts a soft golden hue over several ornately carved racks that line the perimeter and gleaming weapons that decorate the walls.
You also see a middle-aged Human blacksmith, a gilded counter with several things on it and a polished steel door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the oak rack
Item Price Done
black ironwood shield studded with bronze fists 3,608   !!
azure target shield embellished with silver anchors 4,510   !!!!
dark mahogany shield reinforced with crude strips of iron 2,706   !!
polished copperwood shield branded with dragonflies 2,706   !!!!
mistwood shield inlaid with an ivory hawk 5,412   !!!!
wooden shield painted with a trio of black galleons 3,608   !!!!
On the ebony rack
Item Price Done
polished gold shield embossed with an armored knight 8,118   !!!!
masterfully carved ironwood shield 3,608   !!!!
silver oval shield emblazoned with two scarlet chevrons 10,824   !!!!
goldenoak shield painted with green vertical stripes 3,608   !!!!
embossed bronze shield with black onyx inlay 7,216   !!
oval shield affixed with twin red-gold cobras 10,824   !!!!
On the aspen rack
Item Price Done
steel-plated shield etched with a knight on horseback 7,216   !!!!
polished golden kite shield painted with black gryphons 10,824   !!!!
polished kite shield acid-etched with a jousting helmet 7,216   !!!!
black kite shield painted with the image of a strutting heron 7,216   !!!!
polished brass kite shield embossed with the image of crossed sabers 5,412   !!!!
hammered silver kite shield etched with a scale design 7,216   !!!!
On the alder rack
Item Price Done
small rounded shield inlaid with a golden lion's head 7,216   !!!!
intricately carved ironwood shield 5,412   !!
polished ebony shield emblazoned with a fractured lightning bolt 6,314   !!
oiled bullhide shield 2,706   !!
darkened leather buckler adorned with a brass hound's head 4,510   !!
black and white cowhide shield 2,706   !!!!
On the mahogany rack
Item Price Done
chestnut leather shield adorned with a gleaming silver stallion 3,608   !!!!
hammered brass shield inlaid with tooled leather 6,314   !!!!
silver shield painted with the image of Katamba 5,412   !!!!
crescent horsehide shield 4,510   !!!!
triangular shield embellished with ornate etching 7,216   !!
crescent shield decorated with diamond-shaped sapphires 8,118   !!!!
On the gilded counter
Item Price Done
purple tower shield inlaid with a golden crown 7,216   !!!!
black and white checkered tower shield 7,216   !!!!
brilliant green tower shield adorned with a leaping inkhorne 7,216   !!!!
hammered-gold tower shield acid-etched with a wolf's head 9,020   !!!!
highly-polished tower shield 5,412   !!!!
steel warrior's shield embossed with the image of a galloping black stallion 8,118   !!