Finer Things (3)

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The Finer Things
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops, Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Finer Things, Front Room]
The room is lavishly floored with durian buffed to a brilliant sheen while a perfume bottle chandelier hangs from above illuminating the opulent coral walls with a warm glow. A shelf of brushed platinum faces an intricately carved chest, each carefully placed to subtly catch the light upon their showcased wares. Taking the central focal point of the room is a glass counter wrapped in strands of seashells and adorned with purposely placed jars of brightly glowing gaethzen.
You also see a velvet-covered box with several things on it, a brushed platinum rack with several things on it and a door. Obvious exits: east, southwest.

In the carved chest
Item Price Done
slender azurelle torque with purple gold zinerelan terminals 101,315   !!
wide dragonwood armband interlaced with dragonfire amber 405,900   !!
Ilithic applewood pendant wrapped with Elven silver filigree 22,550   !!
smooth lacewood pendant dangling from a leather cord 63,140   !!
Elven gold upper arm cuff set with a sparkling azure rivertear 676,500   !!
wide Ilithian cedar thumb ring bezel-set with a nightfire opal 207,460   !!
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
Elamiri sapphire 90,200   !!
cloudstone 721,600   !!
stormfire topaz 451,000   !!
moon pearl 451,000   !!
round sky opal 72,160   No
midnight onyx 451,000   !!
vengeance ruby 586,300   !!
champagne diamond 45,100   !!
twilight sapphire 90,200   !!
sana'ati heart 45,100   !!
A tiny sign reads:
Dear Customer, You may only purchase -2- gems from this counter per FAMILY. Please choose wisely. ~ The Management
On the shelf
Item Price Done
tamarak trinket box 2,255   !!
blackened steel ring box 2,255   !!
silk-lined azurelle ring box 2,255   !!
white ironwood ring box carved with a lover's knot 2,255   !!
black ironwood ring box lined with raw silk 2,255   !!
velvet-lined ebonwood ring box 2,255   !!
On the velvet-covered box
Item Price Done
smooth-edged aldamdin engagement ring with an empty tension setting 461824   !!
heavy tyrium engagement ring 1,307,900   !!
luminous icesteel betrothal ring 333,740   !!
slender Elven silver betrothal ring 902   !!
ornate azurelle engagement ring with an empty tension setting 90,200   !!
delicate rose gold engagement ring 45,100   !!
dainty Elven gold engagement ring 270,600   !!
On the platinum rack
Item Price Done
ivory Elven wool purse - Contains:a twisted acenite wedding torque and a carved acenite wedding torque 90,200   !!
frost-blue watersilk sack - Contains:a ornate icesteel wedding torque and an exquisite icesteel wedding torque 1,082,400   !!
satin-lined Elven snowlace bag - Contains:a dainty silversteel wedding ring and an elegant silversteel wedding band 541,200   !!
nutmeg-hued raw silk reticule - Contains:a narrow smokewood wedding ring inlaid with Elven silver and a smokewood wedding band with Elven silver inlay 1,399,904   !!
glossy viridian Elven silk poke - Contains:a delicately carved green gold wedding band and a heavy green gold wedding band 126,280   !!
unadorned cloth-of-gold pouch - Contains:a slender Elven gold wedding ring with an empty tension setting and a wide Elven gold wedding band with an empty tension setting 570,354   !!
A small notecard reads:
All of the items on this rack contain pairs of finely made jewelry which can be set with your own precious gemstones.

[The Finer Things, Back Room]
The opulence of the shop is carried into this room, but with a more casual setting. Sun bleached coral walls are draped in pastel-tinted whisperlayne interwoven with soft glowing lights that help to highlight the salt-stained durian floors. Reclaimed wood and expensive fabrics combine to create the chests and whitewashed shelves used to display the wares in the cozy area.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
open-throated Elven silk shirt with cire laces 239,792   !!
open-throated armure shirt with whitleather laces 381,095   !!
open-throated lotusweave shirt with Elothean silk laces 290,895   !!
fitted Musparan silk shirt with a pointed collar 47,355   !!
soft westan wool shirt with a rounded collar 56,375   !!
crisp Velakan linen shirt with a squared collar 227,755   !!
On the bamboo shelf
Item Price Done
ethereal scarf composed of heartstring lace 77,459   !!
exquisite Elven lace scarf intricately beaded along the hem 230,799   !!
thick foggy grey neck wrap of thrice-stritched thornweave 438,259   !!
double-knit coiled scarf sporting a thick fringe of westan wool 50,399   !!
thick winterweave wrap lined with meshor fox fur 203,739   !!
hefty dragonar scarf featuring a black and red plaid design 348,059   !!
Hides features
On the durian shelf
Item Price Done
slate grey and black tartan greatkilt fastened with an asini pin 185,812   !!
forest green and sable tartan greatkilt secured with a razaksel pin 167,772   !!
mist grey and emerald tartan greatkilt secured with a tel'athi pin 96,739   !!
carmine and azure tartan greatkilt fastened with a blue gold pin 339,152   !!
gold and ivory tartan greatkilt with an acenite pin 162,360   !!
ebony and cornflower blue tartan greatkilt with an aldamdin pin 257,611   !!
On the silk-covered chest
Item Price Done
dainty cloth-of-gold slippers with rounded toes 38,335   !!
square-toed slippers adorned with Eluned's tear sapphires 74,415   !!
delicate mistsilk slippers with low silver heels 38,335   !!
pair of strappy moonsilk sandals 38,335   !!
pair of russet brogans with rawhide laces 110,495   !!
burnished leather brogans with black gold grommets 110,495   !!
On the leather-covered chest
Item Price Done
pale blue birdcage veil accented with rose gold starfish 81,180   !!
snowflake tulle birdcage veil adorned with frost opal beads 423,940   !!
golden birdcage veil affixed to a firesilk rose 90,200   !!
silver-hued birdcage veil dusted with tiny haze sapphires 126,280   !!
marquisette birdcage veil attached to a cluster of raven feathers 216,480   !!
Albarian lace birdcage veil accented with windsteel-infused Gnomish kocho 261,580   
On the lace-covered chest
Item Price Done
empire-waisted gown of pale golden firesilk 275,110   !!
elegant copper silk gown with a sunkissed chiffon train 608,850   !!
demure ivory ballgown edged with heartstring lace 166,870   !!
front-laced moonsilk dress with an ivory linen underskirt 157,850   !!
high-collared mistsilk dress with tapered Elven snowlace sleeves 157,850   !!
airy whisperlayne gown with a sky blue satin underdress 383,350   
On the weathered shelf
Item Price Done
cloth-of-gold waistcoat with acenite toggles 20,295   !!
carmine dragonar waistcoat with blued steel buttons 471,295   !!
ebony scalene waistcoat with oravir buttons 471,295   !!
mist grey thornweave waistcoat with tel'athi toggles 471,295   !!
forest green madun waistcoat with razakzel buttons 20,295   !!
slate grey jaalmin waistcoat with animite buttons 290,895   !!

[The Finer Things, Corner]
The lush, ocean-blue carpeting of the small room serves the dual purposes of muffling the sounds of heavy foot traffic and providing a more cushioned place to sit or stand. Lavish piles of sea-shell patterned pillows are stacked with an eye to detail and the customers' comfort in mind. Potted palm trees strung with softly glowing sungold lanterns stand in each corner of the room, giving off just enough light to create a relaxed ambience.
You also see a bucket of viscous gloop, the Finest Box of Gems, a well-groomed attendant, an ornate sign mounted on the wall and a large durian framed scoreboard.
Obvious exits: northeast.

See the Finest Box of Gems for grab-box prizes.