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The Hollow Eve Festival is a paid festival that occurs every year around Halloween (every 3.65 years in Elanthia).

The first Hollow Eve Festival was held in 392. Shortly before the festival, the stars disappeared from the skies. Sighting of the Bloodworm Comet followed by many weeks of falling stars made mortals fear that the Immortals were angry with them. They decided to hold a "Holy Festival" to appease the gods.

Some of the subsequent Hollow Eve festivals did not focus on the Immortals, although some of the original god-themed shops have reappeared even when that has been the case.


RL Year Game Year Attendee Gift Other Gifts / Toys Notes
2023 447 AV jewelry pest
2022 443 AV stable elemental cube of water
2021 439 AV general worn 'hold anything' bag with item slot widget
2020 436 AV swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a gold-striated coralite frame First Hollow Eve held on Andreshlew
2019 432 AV Biomechanical tarantula Commemorative Gift: prismatic glass medallion Destruction of Kurmin's Massive Metal Arachnid
2018 428 AV Holy Combat Egg
2017 425 AV Epistemic Journal Toy: kitten - tier 3
2016 421 AV Hand of Glory Toy: clockwork shark - tier 3
Toy: kitten - tier 2
2015 417 AV painted mask Toy: clockwork shark - tier 2
Toy: kitten - tier 1
2014 414 AV small iron shark Toy: clockwork shark - tier 1
2013 410 AV Glass shard hanging from a silken cord
2012 406 AV Asketian Spiritgem Medallion / Spectral Reaper Medallion
2011 403 AV clockwork spider
2010 399 AV amulet / brooch / ring
2009 396 AV animal skeleton
2008 392 AV god totem First Hollow Eve Festival

How do I get a ticket?


Beginning in 2019 (with Hollow Eve Festival 432), access is handled in-game via SimuCoins now rather than through the Box Office! Tickets will be available opening night. Both Invitiations and Authorizations will be purchasable in-game.


  1. To purchase a ticket, you must have at least 4,500 SimuCoin balance in the SimuCoin Store.
  2. Once inside the festival, type GET INVITATION
  3. To purchase, type BUY INVITATION
  4. To confirm, type ACCEPT PURCHASE or to decline, type CANCEL PURCHASE.


  • The invitation is considered the 'Admit 1' ticket from previous years. You cannot enter the festival without buying one of these and REDEEMing it. These do not bond, so you can absolutely sell/gift/trade them to other players, too!
  • In Platinum and The Fallen, the invitation is considered 'Admit All' -- every character in that instance on your account is eligible to attend once you redeem an invitation! So you have to purchase 1 invite for TF, 1 for Platinum to have all access in that instance.
  • In Prime, however, additional characters will each require a Hollow Eve authorization (1,000 SimuCoins per). These will also be on the same table the invitation was! When you REDEEM an authorization, it adds an additional slot to your Hollow Eve access. The next character you take (who hasn't already claimed a slot) will consume that slot and have access to the festival. You cannot purchase or redeem an authorization for your account unless you have REDEEMed an invitation first! Once you have REDEEMed 4 authorizations (puts you at 'Admit 5'), your account is considered Admit All for that instance, and all characters on your account can attend without any additional authorizations!
Ticket Type SimuCoin Price
Admit 1 4,500
Admit 2 5,500
Admit 3 6,500
Admit 4 7,500
Admit All 8,500

Box Office

Prior to 2019, Hollow Eve tickets were purchased in the Box Office. This option is no longer available.

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