Snookie's Divine Spoons (3)

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Snookie's Divine Spoons
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
Owner Snookie
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Snookie's Divine Spoons]
Prosaic canvas walls define this small booth; their only apparent purpose is to hold up the inventory and, of course, to blot out the monotonous steel and grey. However, Snookie's inventory is as colorful as ever, the boutique-style wares shown off to their best advantage. One wall showcases a spoon display bearing the latest imports from Reshalia, and the other wall boasts a cluster of small spoon racks fresh from the master artisans of Leth Deriel.
You also see the hall and a painted sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A painted sign reads:

                           ~~ SNOOKIE'S DIVINE SPOONS ~~

           To see the variety of spoon racks for sale, look on the wall.
       Please first tap the rack you desire and order it by sequence number.

                         For example:   ORDER FIRST RACK.

                These racks will hold all spoons sold in this booth.
       Note that the racks hold 5, 10 or 15 spoons and are priced accordingly.

On the spoon holder
Item Price Done
nickel spoon set with an agate 2,706   No
shell spoon with a pewter handle 27,06   No
polished gold spoon 2,706   No
shiny silver spoon 2,706   No
polished steel spoon 2,706   No
carved flamethorn spoon 2,706   No
iron spoon with engraving on the bowl 2,706   No
cobra-etched spoon 2,706   No

On the spoon display
Item Price Done
miniature soup spoon cast in the likeness of a serpent 1,082   No
golden teaspoon topped with a small gift package 1,082   !!
roughly hewn honey spoon 451   !!
ebony spoon with a small wolf perched on the stem 1,082   !!
colorful ceramic teaspoon with a tiny fae perched on the stem 902   !!
black latten teaspoon with an engraved stem 676   !!
silver spoon with a black raven perched on the handle 1,082   !!
absinthe spoon shaped like an arrow 1,082   
miniature ladle formed from a seashell 902   !!
bone spoon with a scrimshawed handle 902   !!
white ceramic salt spoon 902   !!
carved spoon of creamy ivory 1,082   !!

On the canvas wall
Item Price Done
curly birch spoon rack with silver accents 81,180   No
cherrywood spoon rack with bronze accents 90,200   No
adderwood spoon rack with animite accents 270,600   No
lunat spoon rack with copper accents 63,140   No
ironwood spoon rack with brass accents 63,140   No
carved bloodwood spoon rack with brass accents 72,160   No
mistwood spoon rack with silver accents 72,160   No
varnished walnut spoon rack 31,570   No
smooth rosewood spoon rack with wrought iron accents 58,630   No
bird's-eye maple spoon rack 31,570   No

On the spoon rack
Item Price Done
plain gold spoon 4,510   No
dagger-shaped spoon 902   !!
dragon-engraved spoon 2,706   !!
nickel spoon with a ghost design 902   No
rowan spoon with a palm tree as the handle 1,082   !!
iron teaspoon engraved with gears 676   No
scarlet ceramic spoon 902   No
blue mistglass spoon 5,412   !!
carved gloomwood teaspoon topped with a snarling wolf's head 6,314   !!