Mordiv's Fun House (3)

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Mordiv's Fun House
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 7
Store Type Game, Drink shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Peculiar Parlor

[Mordiv's Fun House, Peculiar Parlor]
Bold stripes decorate the entire room, their alternating colors vibrant and glossy thanks to several oil lamps. A scarlet-draped counter is positioned with a matching bookcase along one wall, while a table sits beneath the painting hung upon another.
You also see a featureless mannequin and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

  • To move from this room is a puzzle, check out all the furniture and items in the room and see what you can interact with!
  • Once you move from this room, you will fall a distance, and will end up with light to severe wounds.
  • Expand below for the possible solutions.
Look on the counter, and then GET CANDY - leg wounds
Look on the bookcase, then the books, and then GET TOME - head and chest wounds
TURN PAINTING - <unknown wound locations>

Hidden Horrors

[Mordiv's Fun House, Hidden Horrors]
This area feels much cooler than the parlor, due in part to having both lower elevation and a bare steel floor. The only available light is shed by a few sputtering candles scattered atop the gloomwood counter in the far corner, behind which stands a tall, heavily bearded man. Upon one wall, a large, purple-tinged door is barely visible, its silhouette betrayed only by faint writing along its edges.
You also see a chalkboard, an open crate, a large display case and a dark passage.
Obvious exits: none.

  • From this room, you can either GO PASSAGE to explore other "spooky" events and eventually leave the fun house, or purchase a ticket and move through the door. When you go through the door, one of a number of random scenes will play out for you. Once the scene ends, you will be returned to this room.

You look at several markings on the scoreboard until you find the one that shows your scores.

|     Scoreboard     |
| Break-a-Leg:  None |
| Sling-Shot:   None |
| Fling:        None |
Scoreboard Usage:

READ CHALKBOARD -- Read your own scores.
READ CHALKBOARD <PLAYER> -- Read someone else's scores.
READ CHALKBOARD ALL -- Read all scores.

Any (higher) score supercedes a previous score.
In the small box
Item Price Done
Mordiv ticket 500   !!
On the display case
Item Price Done
zenzizenzic bobblehead 5,000   !!
starlight harbinger bobblehead 5,000   !!
Massive Arachnid bobblehead surrounded by tiny people 5,000   !!
white-clad priestess of Albreda bobblehead 5,000   !!
black-clad priestess of Harawep bobblehead 5,000   !!
gold-clad priestess of Tamsine bobblehead 5,000   !!
Gor'Tog zombie bobblehead munching on a runestone 5,000   !!
clown bobblehead wielding a comically oversized axe 5,000   !!
crying child bobblehead clutching a torn ticket 5,000   !!
Captain Kurmin bobblehead with a too-wide grin 5,000   !!
In the open crate
Item Price Done
bile green liquid in a painted glass bottle 22   !!
startlingly pink liquid in an etched bottle 22   !!
bubbling grey liquid in a plain glass bottle 22   !!
swirled purple and green liquid in a red-rimmed bottle 22   !!
darkly shimmering liquid in a carved glass bottle 22   !!

[Mordiv's Fun House, Shadowy Secrets]
Its walls ensconced in heavy shadows that remain untouched by the dim pinpoints of light emanating from the single, pierced iron lantern, this room has an unused feel that is encouraged by a dusty smell clinging to the area.
You also see a dark passage.
Obvious exits: south.

  • GO DOOR from here to enter the Performers' Quarters. (Door shows up in room atmos)

Performers' Quarters

[Mordiv's Fun House, Performers' Quarters]
In stark contrast to the room on the other side of the door, everything here is quite clean, colorful, and well-lit, if still a bit sparse. A few comfortable-looking cots with patchwork blankets are lined up against one wall, interspersed with footlockers.
You also see a makeup-stained table with several things on it, a black door and a wooden stool.
Obvious exits: none.

On the makeup-stained table
Item Price Done
aquatic bodypaint 19 tickets   
gelatinous bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
ethereal bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
gore-hued bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
spectral bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
bruise-hued bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
macabre bodypaint 19 tickets   !!
On the comfortable-looking cots
Item Price Done
set of four small spectrolite horns polished to a high sheen 81,180   !!
pair of curling ram-like horns crafted from aldamdin 142,065   !!
trine of long upward-curving horns with sharp asini tips 40,590   !!
single spiraling darkstone horn adorned with night diamonds 202,950   !!
several serrated loimic horns 1,021,515   !!
On the footlockers
Item Price Done
verdant facepaint 12 tickets   !!
metallic facepaint 12 tickets   !!
flesh and bone facepaint 12 tickets   !!
bone-hued facepaint 12 tickets   !!
gruesome facepaint 12 tickets   !!
rot-hued facepaint 12 tickets   !!
garish facepaint 12 tickets   !!

[Mordiv's Fun House, Shadowy Secrets]
Largely blocked off from the room to the north by a jumble of boxes, this space feels rather cramped. Candles upon tall wrought iron holders provide just enough visibility to navigate the main path, but the flickering light seems to only deepen the shadows amongst the assorted props and dividing panels stored here.
Obvious exits: north, east.

  • note: many "spooky" things to interact with for fun in this room.

[Mordiv's Fun House, Shadowy Secrets]
The path through this area is narrowly restricted by large stone carvings set against the walls. Faces both fanciful and realistic are represented within the tableau, their visages contorted into every imaginable expression. A faint dampness pervades the space and beads of condensation reflect the dim candlelight, giving every surface an uneven sheen.
You also see a hole in the wall.
Obvious exits: west.

[Mordiv's Fun House, All's Well That Ends Well]
Circular and very narrow, this space is more accurately described as a shaft than a room. Each stone lining the walls is carved into an exaggerated, grinning face. Phosphorescent plant-like growths cling to them in odd patches, bringing to mind some sort of garish makeup. A pungent scent lingers beneath the dominant damp vegetative smell, faint but ever-present.
You also see a hole in the wall and a lichen-coated ladder leading to an access hatch in the ceiling.
Obvious exits: none.