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Portals, open at GM discretion, are used to facilitate travel between the major cities and special events. At each portal 'hub', different variations of a portal can be opened, including:

Note: During some Microtrans events, NPCs allowing access to the event area will be stationed at these portal locations.


Typing FESTIVAL PORTAL during certain events displays this list.

Typing PREMIUM 3 will display the following less detailed list.

  • Therenborough (town gate)
  • Langenfirth (near the Landing)
  • Riverhaven (town square)
  • Crossing (the Strand)
  • Leth Deriel (sana'ati tree)
  • Shard (east gate)
  • Ratha (Port Walk)
  • Mer'Kresh (the Carillon)
  • Aesry Surlaenis'a (the Faenella prayer gate)
  • Muspar'i (Great Gate Square)
  • Inner Hibarnhvidar, Main Cavern (near the sculpture of Taratochs)
  • Ain Ghazal (Chateau Foyer)
  • M'riss (Island Ring Road)

Festival & Event Access

Additional NPC's and pathways can also be found at these locations based off a Quest or Paid Event.