Everything in Moderation (3)

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Everything in Moderation
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Everything in Moderation, Main Room]
Billowing slightly outward from the rusty metal walls, sheets of ivory gauze drape from the ceiling in an attempt to give a light, airy feel to an otherwise small room. A mobile of hammered gears and gaethzen orbs suspends from brass wires of varying lengths and turns aimlessly in the current of air. Against the far wall, a mirror rests between an armoire and a wardrobe, while an ottoman placed near a shoe rack provides a place to rest or try on shoes.
You also see a modest door and an oak table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the oak wardrobe
Item Price Done
emerald velvet gown with white fur embellishments 162,360   !!
pink and white polka dot cap-sleeved dress 126,280   !!
ruched gown of garnet chiffon 162,360   !!
pale yellow sundress embroidered with daisies 45,100   No
natural linen sundress 45,100   No
bleached white linen gown embroidered with raspberry briars 45,100   !!
knee-length shift of misty grey silk 54,120   No
frothy black lace dress cinched with a gleaming metal belt of gears 126,280   No
tightly corseted gown of lavender spidersilk with cascading silvery gossamer skirts 162,360   
striking dark mint moire gown 162,360   
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
pair of strappy white sandals 18,040   !!
white satin high-heeled dancing slippers adorned with pink sapphire bows 18,040   No
pair of black satin shoes adorned with a garnet autumn leaf 18,040   No
pair of bucket-top boots of polished black leather 18,040   No
pair of emerald high heeled ankle boots 27,060   No
pair of polished black shoes with brass buckles 18,040   !!
pair of polished leather shoes with bright silver buckles 18,040   !!
pair of black suede ankle boots laced with velvet ribbons 27,060   !!
pair of lace-covered ankle boots with tiny gear-shaped buttons 27,060   !!
white linen sandals adorned with raspberry-hued crystal beads 18,040   !!
dancing slippers of pale green silk embellished with tiny jet-black beads 18,040   !!
pale grey silk slippers embellished with dark sapphire beads 18,040   
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
black satin gloves braceleted with tiny garnet and crystal leaves 2,706   No
black lace gloves adorned with tiny onyx-studded gears 1,804   No
elbow-length gloves of sheer silk adorned with tiny pearl-studded gears 2,706   No
soft black leather gloves 4,510   No
In the ebony armoire
Item Price Done
heavy wool overcoat fastened with elaborate gold buttons 90,200   No
elegant white fur cloak with emerald snowflake clasp 90,200   No
deeply hooded beige wool cloak lined with dark brown silk 90,200   No
elegantly-cut ebon longcoat with a column of brushed silver toggles 90,200   !!
sweeping black wool cloak lined with pale ivory satin 90,200   No
moss green wool longcoat 90,200   No
On the oak table
Item Price Done
embroidered doublet fashioned from deep blue silk 4,510   No
soft white broadcloth shirt 4,510   No
crisp brown linen shirt with black pearl buttons 4,510   No
sheer pink crepe blouse with cascading kimono sleeves 6,765   
sheer blue crepe blouse with dainty capped sleeves 6,765   
sheer orange crepe blouse with draped three-quarter-length sleeves 6,765   
sheer black crepe blouse with gently scalloped short sleeves 6,765