Visions of Holiness (3)

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Visions of Holiness
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Cleric shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Weapon shops, Alchemy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Visions of Holiness, Rebirth]
Polished copper walls reflect the light from rows of pale ivory candles in flame-shaped brass sconces. The metal floor is covered with a carpet patterned with swirling phoenix feathers, their bright crimson and gold hues mirrored in a pair of gold-framed portraits depicting the death and resurrection of the mythical bird. A narrow ebonwood table stands near an arch leading to the shopping areas, while a wide door leads back outside.
Obvious exits: none.


[Visions of Holiness, Ritual]
Several white-robed clerks stand behind the long counter, ready to assist customers with their selections. Near the archway leading to the front room is a tall ebonwood rack, while a metal table stands against the opposite wall. A long wooden shelf hangs behind the counter, within easy reach of the smiling clerks.
You also see a narrow arch.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.

On the glass-topped table
Item Price Done
large carmine sack - Contains: a gold-veined red porphyry mortar, a gold-veined red porphyry pestle, a gold-edged bloodwood bowl, a bloodwood mixing stick, and a red gold sieve 135,300   !!
large white sack - Contains: a silver-veined alabaster mortar, a silver-veined alabaster pestle, a silver-edged linden bowl, a linden mixing stick, and a silver sieve 135,300   No
large wheat-hued sack - Contains: a mottled travertine mortar, a mottled travertine pestle, a mottled birch bowl, a birch mixing stick, and a white gold sieve 135,300   No
large azure sack - Contains: a pyrite-edged blue slate mortar, a pyrite-edged blue slate pestle, a pyrite-edged cocobolo bowl, a cocobolo mixing stick, and a pyrite sieve 135,300   No
large grey sack - Contains: a silver-veined grey granite mortar, a silver-veined grey granite pestle, a bleached driftwood bowl, a driftwood mixing stick, and a corroded steel sieve 135,300   No
large black sack - Contains: a silver-shot andesite mortar, a silver-shot andesite pestle, a silver-shot ebony bowl, an ebony mixing stick, and a web-mesh silver sieve 135,300   !!
large mauve sack - Contains: a bronze-edged purple schist mortar, a bronze-edged purple schist pestle, a bronze-edged purpleheart bowl, a purpleheart mixing stick, and a patinated bronze sieve 135,300   !!
A small note reads: "These sacks contain matching sets including mortar, pestle, large bowl, mixing stick and sieve. Please be sure to get the right color, as there will be no refunds for mistakes."
All tools look to be masterfully-crafted (12/12), marginally vulnerable (8/18) durability, rather effective (7/11) speed


[Visions of Holiness, War]
Luxury contrasts with utility in this boxy room. The thick felt carpets are covered with weapon stands, and weapons hang on the polished metal walls. A smiling clerk stands behind a silk-draped counter flanked by a pair of sturdy weapon racks, while a graceful glass-topped table rests between a tall armor stand and an open iron cabinet.
You also see a shiny scorecard.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the polished mahogany wall
Item Price Done
simple iron pike staff dangling lengths of boar-embroidered crimson ribbon 16,236   
blackened steel quarterstaff inlaid with burnished silver vermiculations 31,570   
rusted wrought iron nightstick capped at one end by a tarnished silver shrew 6,314   
In the iron cabinet
Item Price Done
sturdy steel war hammer engraved with a flock of stylized ravens in flight 17,138   !!
brutal spiked club wrapped about the handle with ragged horsehide leather 9,020   
short-handled steel mace inlaid with a single golden mongoose 22,550   
gleaming flanged mace with a roaring golden lion's head pommel 27,060   
On the silk-draped counter
Item Price Done
dark iron siege arbalest with limbs wrought to resemble a soaring vulture 45,100   !!
horn-limbed sturdy stonebow inlaid with a drunken ram along its oaken tiller 29,315   !!
black ironwood slurbow adorned by a web-etched red gold barrel 40,590   
hickory light crossbow scorched with the image of a dancing welkin 18,040   !!
dusk-hued light crossbow with its limbs tipped by tiny animite nightingales 90,200   !!
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
darkened baselard with an agate-eyed onyx panther's head pommel 40,590   
sleek steel rapier with a gleaming silver kingsnake-incised basket hilt 19,844   
sinuous scimitar with a viper-etched basket hilt 9,922   
razor-edged steel cutlass with a grip wrapped in pebbled shagreen 18,942   
On the tall armor stand
Item Price Done
suit of azure full plate with gilded nightingales enameled upon its pauldrons 162,360   !!!!
burnished chain hauberk with a rainbow-hued skirt of links below the waist 85,690   !!
steel chain hauberk with a polished silvery-white dove emblem on the back 76,670   !!!!
orange-red chain hauberk painted to resemble the plumage of a fiery phoenix 135,300   !!!!
silver-hemmed quilted hauberk adorned with a number of dancing welkin 45,100   !!
wine red quilted hauberk emblazoned upon the back with a majestic donkey 22,550   !!
marbrinus quilted hauberk wrought in hues of black and grey 63,140   !!
On the sturdy sword rack
Item Price Done
stout steel back-sword acid-etched with the wolverine of Kuniyo 18,040   
jagged iron broadsword featuring a hilt in the form of a coiled adder 15,334   
leaf-bladed bronze longsword with a brown-mottled ivory grip 10,824   !!
heavy steel falchion with a screaming phoenix head pommel 27,060   !!


[Visions of Holiness, Ceremony]
Simply furnished with a low, velvet-draped table and a tall ebonwood rack, this corner of the shop is softly illuminated by pale ivory candles. Soft robes hang from a row of shiny hooks above the table, while a cedar chest has been tucked underneath.
Obvious exits: west, northwest.

On the row of shiny hooks
Item Price Done
brushed woolen robe lined in soft green silk 45,100   No
pale aqua linen robe accented with seaglass 42,845   No
dark satin robe belted with a double-wrapped electrum chain 67,650   No
dove grey velvet robe with a neckline that plunges to its pewter belt 112,750   No
frayed sackcloth robe with dagged sleeves 10,824   No
dusky purple samite robe prominently embroidered with a silvery web pattern 69,003   No
deep green velvet robe with fancifully tooled leather hems 38,515   No
earth-toned linen robe with fiery satin hems 18,040   No
lustrous black satin robe split into a rainbow of colors below the waist 45,100   No
crimson crushed velvet robe bedecked with ruddy golden feathers at the shoulders 40590   No
In the cedar chest
Item Price Done
thin sandals woven from dried wheat 3,608   No
cross-strap sandals woven into an intricate webwork pattern 18,040   No
silvery sandals pinned with tiny charms 13,530   No
thick leather sandals 10,824   !!
cream-colored sandals 5,186   No
kingsnake-skin sandals 9,020   No
braided linen sandals decorated with tiny fiery-red feathers 10,824   No
On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
carved agate prayer beads 13,530   No
carved glitvire prayer beads on a darkened steel chain 288,640   No
etched moonstone beads painted with a variety of tiny spiders 18,040   No
delicate acenite prayer beads 13,530   No
blue gold prayer beads 245,795   No
simple wooden prayer beads 1,533   No
cast bronze prayer beads 8,569   No
fire opal prayer beads on a polished gold chain 157,850   No
On the tall ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
linen devotional pouch dyed in an aqua blue ombre 6,765   No
black devotional pouch wrought in the image of a sleepy-eyed panther 18,942   No
striped devotional pouch with a tarnished bronze goshawk clasp 8,794   No
wooly devotional pouch made to resemble a drunken ram 11,275   No
pale grey devotional pouch 7,216   No
heavy-duty devotional pouch branded with the head of an ox 10,824   No
feathered devotional pouch fashioned to look like an owl 29,315   No
furry devotional pouch crafted to resemble a wild-eyed raccoon 29,315   No
jackal pelt devotional pouch with a carved bone toggle 9,922   No
dusky grey devotional pouch stitched with a steelsilk web pattern 18,942   No
vibrant red devotional pouch with a tiny gold clasp 13,530   No