Whimsical Winds (4)

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Whimsical Winds
Event Hollow Eve Festival 425
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Whimsical Winds]
Polished maple walls holding a faint scent of beeswax are fitted carefully amongst the metal framing. A rich tapestry hanging nearby displays the image of a young green-eyed man playing a sackbut while gazing up to a laughing dark-haired girl who stands on a balcony. You also see a bright purple door, a gleaming silverwood stand with several things on it, a long ebonwood counter with several things on it and a golden oak shelf with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the silverwood stand
Item Price Done
felwood bassoon carved with tiny tarantulas 105,195   !!
azurelle bassoon with an abstract niello and silver double helix pattern 1,431,925   
gloomwood bassoon adorned with spectrolite spiders 54,374   !!
polished loimic bassoon 3,044   !!
On the ebonwood counter
Item Price Done
polished off-white zingana serpent 180,400   No
carved tamarak serpent showing the story of Tezirah 18,445   No
lace-wrapped serpent made of purple-tinged gloomwood 320,633   No
polished orichalcum serpent 1,578,500   !!
tamboti serpent covered with cobalt-rubbed black leather 5,216   No
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
indurium sackbut decorated with trapezoidal pieces of aoustone 88,396   !!
polished gold moradu-bone sackbut adorned with niello spider designs 405,900   !!
carved tomiek sackbut detailing the life of Sorrow 81,180   !!
darkstone sackbut designed to resemble a spider's epigastric plates 54,120   !!