Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra

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Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
Owner Kyrhhsa
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, S'Kra Mur shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
''Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra'' is S'Kra for "Den of Midnight."

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, Foyer]
The walls and ceiling of this modestly sized area have been completely concealed behind yards of blue silks that flutter in an unfelt breeze, with hues ranging from deep ultramarines to vibrant azures and every shade between. A sweet aroma of night-blooming flowers rises from the bedding of soft, black blankets which spans the floor, muffling sound and dampening the illumination generated by the hanging brass lanterns. You also see a curtained archway, a shallow wicker basket draped with indigo silk and a refreshment sidebar with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest.

In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
small bottle of scale polish 4   
A note reads:
"Single-use bottles of scale polish are available here for a small fee. If you have chosen not to groom your scales today, please make use of this service before wearing any of our merchandise in public. We do have a reputation to consider."
On the refreshment sidebar
Item Price Done
bowl of cold par'i bean and potato salad in a light hhyssk'et dressing 0   !!
bowl of cubed iroepi root in a piquant citrus dressing 0   !!
bowl of three brothers stew with a par'i dumpling 0   !!
cherry-red hhyssk'et stuffed with honey-sweetened mincemeat 0   !!
coffee-marinated filet of yeehar in a chilled marrow aspic 0   !!
glass of cool cactus tea 0   !!
grilled hhr'pao filled with melted yeehar cheese and topped with a hhyssk'et salsa 0   !!
lime and hhyssk'et squeeze 0   !!
mug of honey pear mead 0   
par'i dumplings with a pineapple sauce 0   
spiced hhyssk'et chai 0   !!
steamed sand spider legs with a melted lime-butter 0   !!

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, The Dusk Room]
Crimsons, scarlets, carnelians and maroons fill every corner of this space with dull illumination. The heavy drapery of satin and brocade fabrics hangs down from the ceiling like great stalactites in an underground cavern, accompanied by the subtle sound of trickling water. Arrayed about in a haphazard configuration, lanky mannequins wear a medley of ill-fitting garments. On the back wall several hooks display various bits of cloth, a wooden plaque hanging above them.
Obvious exits: southwest, west, northwest.

On the lanky mannequins
Item Price Done
bright saffron silk gamantang spangled with tiny amber charms 216,480   !!
dark cobalt silk gamantang laced down the back with cerulean ribbons 198,440   !!
flowing slate silk gamantang draped with sparkling silver-gilt chains 207,460   !!
pale magnolia-white silk gamantang speckled with deep burgundy rosette markings 189,420   !!
rich sanguine silk gamantang stitched with dozens of gold medallions 225,500   !!
sheer viridian silk gamantang edged along the collar and cuffs with emerald lace 198,440   !!
A delicate sign reads: "S'Kra Mur who purchase these excellent silk gamantangs will find that they are superbly cut to accentuate the natural grace with which they dance." (Ed Note: These can be worn by non-S'Kra, but non-S'Kra cannot use the verbs.
A wooden plaque reads:
"Aspiring dancers of all races will find these items useful.  
Men would be advised to purchase the sashes on the brass hooks. 
Women will be better suited to use the scarves on the silver hooks."
On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
deep green sash heavily laden with gold and amber beads 63,140   !!
fringed white satin sash sewn with a multitude of gold rings 63,140   !!
long blood-red sash sewn with the sinuous image of a dragon 81,180   !!
pale blue sash of sparkling moonsilk with a delicate sapphire lace trim 99,220   !!
rich black sash of soft nightsilk dotted by dozens of tiny teardrop diamonds 117,260   !!
On the silver hooks
Item Price Done
deep green scarf heavily laden with gold and amber beads 63,140   !!
long blood-red scarf sewn with the sinuous image of a dragon 81,180   !!
pale blue scarf of sparkling moonsilk with a delicate sapphire lace trim 99,220   !!
rich black scarf of soft nightsilk dotted by dozens of tiny teardrop diamonds 117,260   !!
tasseled white satin scarf sewn with a multitude of gold rings 63,140   !!

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, The Twilight Room]
Light seems to falter in the voluminous folds of deep indigo satin that drape from the ceiling. The sheer surfaces of numerous differently dyed swatches of cloth combine to generate a complex union of violets, amethysts and lavenders. Rings of silver and platinum are threaded through the gauze veils, glittering in the faint light of the braziers like twinkling stars in the burgeoning night sky. A low shelf dominates the back wall, upon which rest the busts of several S'Kra leaders. You also see a glittering chain lattice with some stuff on it and a velvet-lined table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, southeast.

On the low shelf
Item Price Done
angular electrum aggahhpel adorned with dark serpentine jade beads 57,728   
curved gold aggahhpel with dangling shards of polished sunstone 55,924   !!
twisted silver aggahhpel surmounted by a ring of faceted ruby spires 58,630   !!
wide-linked platinum aggahhpel set with three large black opals 62,238   !!
Only S'Kra Mur can wear these items.
On the chain lattice
Item Price Done
braided platinum eyebrow ring inset with a cluster of dark blue sapphires 24,714   !!
serpentine copper eyebrow ring etched with a faded emblem 7,667   !!
simple electrum eyebrow ring with faint copper tracery 9,989   !!
tarnished silver eyebrow ring set with a line of blue diamonds 18,491   !!
brushed nickel nose ring with a dragon charm hanging from it 8,929   !!
dark iron nose ring embossed in silver with a coiling viper 8,794   !!
hammered bronze nose ring set with a tiny emerald scorpion 9,047   !!
polished gold nose ring speckled with dozens of cinnabar chips 10,846   !!
On the velvet-lined table
Item Price Done
beveled steel thumb ring deeply engraved with circuitous knots 7,238   !!
hammered silver thumb ring with a thick vein of dark gold 8,072   !!
twisted copper thumb ring surmounted by a large ruby 7,125   !!
beveled bronze tailring shaped like a range of dunes 11,789   !!
crooked iron tailring etched with the image of a dancing S'Kra Mur 9,010   !!
polished platinum tailring set with garnet hhyssk'et berries 16,236   !!
braided gold toe ring etched with fine spider web designs 7,333   !!
shiny brass toe ring set with an egg-shaped green jasper 6,945   !!
uneven pewter toe ring with a cabochon chrysoberyl setting 7,667   !!

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, The Nocturne]
Starkly in contrast to the rich colors that swaddle the rest of the den, the walls are draped with a heavy black velvet which dampens ambient light and sound. A large chest crafted from fire-blackened yeehar bone sits in the back corner beside a tall mahogany loom. You also see a low ebony stool with an alteration list on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

note: a light source is needed in this room

  • Hhtuassa says, "Khiynit is a gossamer, harvested by myself and several other weavers of Velaka. Rather a difficult material to produce, truth told."
  • Hhtuassa says, "We feed sand spiders on a diet of yeehar blood laced with fiber from the iroepi root and hhyssk'et berry. The result is khiynit. Very strong, yet maleable."

[Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra, Kyrhhsa's Haven]
The walls in the central chamber of the den are little more than yards of cloth hanging from polished brass rods, acting as privacy curtains rather than genuine obstacles. Vibrant blue tones creep in from the south, blending with the eastern reds and the western indigos as the fabrics come together overhead. Beneath the apex of the mingled hues hangs a glowing tzgaa orb, which casts its light outward through the filter of fine silks. You also see Kyrhhsa that is sitting.
Obvious exits: east, south, west.