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Male and Female Humans Description

Elothean lorethews will tell you there was a time when there were no Humans, and some Elves will tell you they preferred the time when there were no Humans, but all that is water under the bridge now. Humans dominate the Dragon's Realms, and despite their relatively short lifespans (compared to some of the other races), they breed quickly and catch on fast.

Humans run the middle road in abilities, being naturally neither inclined nor disinclined toward anything -- which can, in itself, be a tremendous asset. Many of the races owe the founding of Elanthia's great inter-species empire to intrepid Humans, without whom these times of peace and mutual cooperation simply would not have existed.

Character Creation

The figure speaks: "I am Human, the middle road of the races. We have the potential for skill in all things, though the others may best us in one or another. We are less strong than some and not as fast as others, yet our kind prospers. For while we may lack some of the advantages of the others, we also lack their disadavantages...."

You regard the form of the Human figurine. Of moderate height; shorter than the Gor'Tog and Kaldar, but taller than Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes. Almost the center of all the possible variations you see before you are in this Human form.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 10 0
Reflex 10 0
Agility 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 10 0
Wisdom 10 0
Intelligence 10 0
Stamina 10 0

Racial Characteristics


See Age#Humans.


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 5.5 feet 6 feet
Female 5 feet 5.75 feet


Average lifespan: 75 years
Maximum lifespan: 100 years


Average gestation period: 7 Elanthian months

Humans can conceive children with the following races:


There are six Human Clans:

Other Aspects of Human Culture

Human Cuisine

Human Culturally Significant Items


These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with Humans.

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