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Faysien Porthage
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)
Relatives: Lalbot Porthage (husband), Trenthal Porthage (son)

Wife of Lalbot Porthage and owner of Dunshade Manor. Involved in the quest Dunshade: Echo of Tears.


A slender red-haired Human woman sits on the couch, her nimble fingers weaving many hues of yarn together in a blanket.

Conversation Topics

  • DOG: The woman smiles kindly, "Yes, our boy loves his dog. They're never apart, even for a moment."
  • DUNSHADE: Almost dropping her weaving, the woman looks up at you, startled. "I... I told my boy not to go there yet. Or ever I mean. Ever. He's not going there is he?"
  • PAPERS: The kindly look fades from the woman's face as she studies you carefully. "Did you see the papers? Those are private, you know." She turns her attention back to her weaving, keeping one eye on you.
  • SON: The woman smiles up to you and asks, "Oh, is he out wandering around again?" She nods to herself, "He is a wanderer, that boy. I think he'll be a ranger someday, his father wants him to be a trader."

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Faysien sighs to herself as she weaves.
  • Faysien mumbles to herself as she takes a few stitches out of her work to fix a mistake.
  • Faysien glances at the door suddenly then sighs, "I wonder where that boy of mine is."
  • Faysien puts down her weaving and rubs her hands for a moment.