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Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Bamiec Theren was the second Baron of Therengia. He was killed by the Dragon Priests.


203 BL --The Dragon Priests begin raiding mountain villages in Southern Ilithi and Adamantia
203 BL --Baron Jelstad dies
203 BL --Reign of Baron Bamiec Theren begins
191 BL --The Dragon's Empire is established
190 BL --Riverhaven falls to the Dragon Priests
189 BL --The Baron's Guard battles the Dragon Priests near present-day El'Bain's Stop
188 BL --The Baron's Guard are defeated south of Therenborough's walls
187 BL --Baron Bamiec and his soldiers flee Therenborough
187 BL --Therenborough falls to the Dragon Priests
186 BL --Baron Bamiec is executed
186 BL --Young Kerehald Theren is carried away

From Northern Customs

During the time of the Great Collapse, the cult of the World Dragon Priest came into existence. It wasn't long after Provincial rule was established that this order turned militaristic, and under Dzree they began a rampage across the newly formed and therefore weak nations. Her people took advantage of the instability of the lands following the end of the Empire, and they cut a bloody path northward, under the Conqueror's Banner.

The Therengian forces were slowly pushed further and further back, until they were defeated wholly. The people were forced to flee the capital in the night before the Dragon Priest army had arrived, forced to take refuge in the furthest Therengian border-forts. The Lord Theren, His Excellency Baron Bamiec himself, along with his most elite soldiers held Fort Kriota throughout the length of Dragon Priest rule, keeping most of the citizenry safe (unlike such disasters as what occurred in Shard). There was no shame in losing to the Dragon Priests. There was no loss of honor. The Priests fought without honor -- they used evil magics and evil beasts conjured from the womb of Dergati. Even the Hounds of Rutilor fell to the Priests. No shame.

The Baron and his people were forced to remain on the outskirts of civilization, holding an uneasy alliance with a ragtag group of Dwarven refugees, forced to wait until the time to strike was right. In time, that chance presented itself.