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Ladoc Lsmil-Gariand
Status: Dead
Guild: Thief
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Ishtvan

In the year 373 Ladoc attempted to take control of the Crossing Thieves Guild. Ladoc and Ishtvan had begin stirring up trouble and finding disgruntled Crossing guild members who might be in favor of a new regime. Ladoc argued that Kalag The Black had run the Crossing guild into the ground. In addition to decrying a general decay and loss of profits to the guild, Ladoc detailed other charges against Kalag, including allowing the traitor Laros to walk freely in the guild and allowing one of the guild's entrance guards (Maratana Djabadary) to betray both the Crossing and Riverhaven guilds to the Inquisitor Anamir.

Ladoc's plot came to an end when Ishtvan claimed Ladoc was lacking and not right for guild leadership. Ishtvan arranged with Kraelyst and Momus to have Ladoc assassinated and in return required that Kalag give Ishtvan and his men a portion of the Crossing sewers as their own territory (this is the area now inhabited by thugs, footpads, cutthroats, and ruffians).


You see Entrepreneur (a thief Overlord) Ladoc Lsmil-Gariand, a Human.
He has slightly pointed ears, almond-shaped crystal blue eyes and an aquiline nose. His golden hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has smooth skin and an athletic build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He is in his prime for a Human.
He is clean shaven.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a pair of supple black leather dress boots, some fine black cotton trousers with silver filigree along the seams, a sapphire blue silk shirt with engraved silver buttons, a sapphire-studded platinum ring bearing the crest of the Trader's Guild, an engraved platinum ring displaying an exquisite black diamond and an enameled sheath with inlaid panels of silver trimmed in polished ovals of jet.