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Guildmistress Eydtha Kesten'ga
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Mer'Kresh (Ranik Map 107b)
Type: Guild Leader


The guild leader Eydtha is an unremarkable-looking Human woman. She is neither old nor young, tall nor diminutive. Her hair is streaked with grey, and her robes simple, but nicely made. Her eyes sparkle with humor, however, and her smile is reassuring. Yet still, you cannot help but notice the deep scar that marks her throat, a wound that must mark some horrid event in her life. Survival of such an injury does not even seem possible. Although Eydtha will speak, she usually communicates through her assistant Authun, who understands her wishes and speaks with her voice for the guildleader.

Trading Card Description

Seated comfortably in an oversized armchair is Eydtha, a Human woman gazing down at a leather bound book in her lap. Long hair streaked with grey partially obscures her features, but does not hide a jagged scar that is wickedly etched crosswise across her pale throat. A multi-tiered chandelier hanging from the vaulted ceiling above her casts a subtle light on the engraved dark blue leather sword belt that is cinched around the waist of her simple white robe.


  • Patron deity is Eluned.
  • Is referenced on the coral altar at the top of the Carillon:
  • A silver plaque reads:
"This magnificent specimen was extracted from the depths of Torbis Sanhalas. By no enchantment on our part, it has continued to live out of the water and appears to serve as a natural altar to the gods. Truly a manifest blessing." - Guildmistress Eydtha Kesten'ga