Lenizhir (Alterer)

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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

Lenizhir is a color alterer who will change the colors of items for you with his awesome palladium-geared dye agitator with brass fittings.
Note: This is NOT the Lenizhir referenced in Garnedhren and the Iron Kingdom.


You see Lenizhir, a Human.
Lenizhir has a square-jawed face, slightly pointed ears, gold-flecked turquoise eyes and an aquiline nose. Your bright orange-streaked deep blue hair is short and straight, and is worn arranged in oiled spikes. You have tanned skin and a burly build.
He is tall for a Human.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a two-toned banana-hued and lime green shoulder bag, a palladium-geared dye agitator with brass fittings, a stunning goose-turd hued Imperial weave shirt with rolled-up cuffs, a pair of eye-searing lime green spidersilk pants and a pair of pearlescent ultramarine knee boots with cochineal-hued soles.


Due to some items not being workable until I look at them, we can't list fully what isn't doable. Here are a few, and any more will be added as they are noted.

Lenizhir will not work on:
Live Animals
Biomechanical Spiders

How It Works

You give Lenizhir an item you'd like to have dyed. Basically, an item that either is devoid of color or has a color you do not like. Lenizhir does NOT make sweeping alterations to items. He changes color. You may also add glitter to your paint choice. As of HE 2017 Lenizhir CAN dye patterns of things on to things but this is rare (see example 3)
Example: You have "a kertig sword" and you want the color red added. You must decide if you want the red added to the hilt/grip of the sword OR if you want it to be "a red sword" since generally when you dye a metal you can't tell what metal it is (ie. you are getting rid of the properties that make it identifiable as kertig it will still BE kertig)
Example 2: You have an "a blue and yellow striped shirt" You have the option of keeping both colors and dyeing them OR making it a solid color.
Example 3: You want a pattern dyed on your thing. You have "a brown robe" and want a golden phoenix on the back. You would end up with "a brown robe (adjective) with a golden phoenix on the back" This service is rare and based on how Lenizhir feels and your item in question.


Lenizhir does not charge much (generally) for his services.


Need an idea for color? Try these links. (remember not all offsite colors listed will be valid for Elanthia)