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Role-playing verb with various ways to move your fingers, and custom messaging for different races. All players can use the SELF, PLAYER and OBJECT versions of the verb, however, only Premium players can use the emotes.

Both of the character's hands must be empty in order to successfully TWIDDLE; there is different messaging for full hands.


You see: You twiddle your thumbs.
Others see: <Player> twiddles her/his thumbs.

TWIDDLE <self>
See custom race-based messaging below.

TWIDDLE <Player>
You see: You gaze through <Player> while twiddling your thumbs in thoughtful contemplation.
Target sees: <Player> seems to be gazing through you as s/he twiddles her/his thumbs.

TWIDDLE <item>
You see: In a show of coordination, you drum your fingers upon <item> while twiddling your thumbs in agitation.
Others see: In a show of coordination, <Player> drums her/his fingers upon <item> while twiddling her/his thumbs in agitation.

TWIDDLE (holding one item)
You see: You try to twiddle, but you have something in your hands. It's an interesting thumb exercise, though.
Others see: <Player> looks like she is exercising her thumb -- how odd.

TWIDDLE (holding two items)
You see:You try to twiddle, but your hands are full. Don't drop things!
Others see: <Player> fumbles with some items in her/his hands -- what is s/he trying to do?




Valid Emotes:
cold, drunk, ear, half, happy, idiot, impish, insane, maniac, mischief, nervous, not, pain, sad, silly, smug, stupid, triumph, ugly, weary, wicked, wide, wry

Twiddle Self

Messaging varies by race:

Race You see: Others see:
Dwarf You twiddle your thumbs.
Elf You tightly lace your fingers together and deliberately orbit one thumb around the other, seeking a balanced rhythm to assist your contemplations. Player tightly laces his fingers together and deliberately orbits one thumb around the other as he settles into a meditative demeanor.
Elothean You steeple your fingers together and gaze at them, knowing everyone around you will assume you're thinking deep thoughts and not simply daydreaming. Steepling his fingertips together, Player gazes at them contemplatively as though lost in deep meditation.
Gnome You twiddle your thumbs, grinning at the thought of your newest inspiration. Gnome twiddles (his/her) little thumbs, as a devious grin appears on (his/her) face.
Gor'Tog You twiddle your thumbs, pondering nothing in particular. Maybe food. Gor'Tog twiddles (his/her) heavy thumbs in a slow, methodical motion suitable for mashing turnips.
Halfling You twiddle your little thumbs. Player twiddles her little thumbs, probably daydreaming about tarts.
Human You twiddle your thumbs. Player twiddles her thumbs.
Kaldar You twiddle your thumbs, casually inspecting the area for possible threats. Player glances around the area with a keen eye as he casually twiddles his thumbs.
Kaldar Kaldar seems to be contemplating something as (she/he) carefully scoops up a hand full of dirt and lets it shift through (her/his) fingers.
Prydaen You rhythmically rattle your claws against one another while lost in a moment of contemplation. Player rhythmically rattles her claws against one another while lost in a moment of contemplation.
Rakash (moonskin) Rakash clacks (his/her) claws together, filling the air with an annoying rat-tat-tat.
S'Kra Mur You twiddle your thumbs while casually rolling the tip of your tail in circles. Player twiddles his thumbs while casually rolling the tip of his tail in circles.

Twiddle <emote>

Emote You see: Others see:
Cold You idly twiddle your thumbs. Why are you here with these lowlifes? Jane idly twiddles her thumbs, surveying the room with a cold superiority.
Drunk You drunkenly try to twiddle your thumbs. Who'd have thought it could be so hard to accomplish? Jane tries to twiddle her thumbs, but fails miserably with the timing and coordination. Looks like she has had too much to drink!
Ear You put a thumb in each ear and wave at yourself! Jane looks at her hands and smirks. Placing a thumb firmly in each ear, she begins to wildly wave both hands!
Half You clasp your hands in front of you and half-heartedly twiddle your thumbs with a slight sigh. Jane clasps her hands in front of her and half-heartedly twiddles her thumbs with a slight sigh of boredom.
Happy You hum a cheerful tune while absentmindedly twiddling your fingers. Jane hums a cheerful tune while absentmindedly twiddling her fingers.
Idiot You press your fingertips together, making them look like slightly pointed ears, which causes you to scowl and gnash your teeth. Jane presses her fingertips together and scowls as she stares at them.
Impish You grin slightly and unconsciously begin to twiddle your thumbs. Jane grins impishly as she unconsciously twiddles her thumbs.
Insane You begin twitching and cackling like a madman as you endlessly twiddle your thumbs. Twitching and glancing wildly about, Jane begins to drool slightly as she cackles crazily and rapidly twiddles her thumbs.
Maniac Unable to quell the compulsion any longer, you twiddle your thumbs until your hands ache! Jane clenches her fingers together tightly, twiddling her thumbs with maddened fervor!
Mischief You press your thumbs together and rhythmically tap your fingers against one another in succession, a knowing grin spreading across your face. Jane holds her thumbs together while rhythmically tapping her fingers against one another in succession, sporting a mischievous grin.
Nervous Your hands tremble involuntarily. Jane's trembling hands betray her anxiety.
Not You try to twiddle your thumbs, but you can't seem to get a rhythm going. Jane looks like she is trying to twiddle her thumbs.
Pain You move a couple of joints in your hands and feel an ache; age and the weather must be creeping up on you. Jane stiffly opens and closes her hands. The wince from a dull ache flits across her face.
Sad You clasp your hands and press your thumbs against your lips as if this will somehow quell the pain you feel wrenching at your very soul. Hands clasped, Jane places her thumbs against her quivering lips, her eyes welled with tears.
Silly You try to twiddle your thumbs...all four of them! Jane tries to twiddle her thumbs but seems to lack the coordination it takes.
Smug You lean back, clasping your hands together and expertly rotating your thumbs over and about each other. Your eyes alight as you realize the superior ease in which you can do this. Jane leans back with her hands held in front, smoothly twiddling her thumbs with a smug expression in her eyes.
Stupid You absentmindedly massage your temple while staring at nothing in particular. If only you could remember... Jane absentmindedly massages her temple, mouth slightly agape, as she gazes upward with a vacant expression.
Triumph You hook your thumbs and flap your fingers about while bobbing your head to and fro. It's a butterfly! Jane hooks her thumbs and flaps her fingers about. It's a rather impressive butterfly. You think.
Ugly You pull your lower eyelids down with one hand, push the tip of your nose up with the other and stick out your tongue! Didn't your mother tell you your face would freeze like that? Jane pulls her lower eyelids down with one hand, pushes the tip of her nose up with the other and sticks out her tongue, making a face only an ogre mother could love.
Weary Your eyes droop as you start to nod off while slowly twiddling your thumbs. Jane's eyes droop as she starts to nod off while slowly twiddling her thumbs.
Wicked You pound your fist into your open hand and begin to twiddle at a frantic pace as a devious idea comes to mind. Jane pounds her fist into her open hand and begins to twiddle at a frantic pace. An odd gleam comes to her eye.
Wide You hold out your arms as far as they stretch and waggle your fingers for emphasis. This is the best fish story you've ever told! Jane stretches her arms out wide and waggles her fingers for emphasis.
Wry You raise your hands and clasp them in front of you, twiddling your fingertips along the outsides of your knuckles, while smirking to one side of your mouth wryly. Jane raises her hands in front of her and clasps them together before twiddling her fingertips along the outside of her knuckles, smirking wryly to herself. What could she be thinking?

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