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Ivinnes Tredo
Status: Alive
Aliases: Vinny
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Promado Village (Ranik Map 9b)
Associates: Alris, Annael, Mirinn
Relatives: Behm, Erdennes, Gloriadara

See Annael for details about their history together.


Ivinnes Tredo is a middle-aged Human man with a shining pate fringed by a narrow red tonsure. He wears a brown robe tied with a once-white rope belt from which dangle tiny brass cow charms. His brow is furrowed by two vertical lines between his eyes, giving him a perpetual look of concentration.

Conversation Topics

  • Alris: "I don't care if you DO want all of M'Riss, what's that got to do with me?" Ivinnes growls at you.
  • Alris: "Al?" Ivinnes's eyes light up. "How is he? I saw him briefly when my ship docked in Ratha on the way home -- got to introduce Erdennes to him. That reminds me, I promised to write and tell him where I settled."
  • Amindei: "Harumph!" Ivinnes snorts. "If you want a mint tie you can go find one yourself. What's this world coming to when strangers can bother a man in his home about spices?" He gives a long-suffering sigh.
  • Annael: Ivinnes says, "I'm a priest, not a carpenter. Why would I carry around a nail?"
  • Annael: "Yes, well," Ivinnes says, "life never goes quite the way we expect it to, does it now? Once upon a time, Annael and I thought we'd be wed. But that's all in the past now. She believed that girl who claimed me as the father of her child. Me!? I suppose it's all for the best. What kind of marriage would it have been without trust?" He sighs.
  • Ardys: "Hold this? Hold what?" Ivinnes shakes his head, muttering something about fools.
  • Behm: "You want a beam?" Ivinnes frowns at you and says, "I'm a priest, not a lumberjack. Go away, you foolish man."
  • Bekkett: "Bucket's in the kitchen, of course. Why are you bothering me with this sort of thing?" Ivinnes growls.
  • Bruwster: Talking very slowly, as if to an idiot or small child, Ivinnes says, "I don't know where to find a blue store, but I'm sure if you look, you'll manage it."
  • Erdennes: "My son," Ivinnes says. "He's a good lad, but they grow up so fast, don't they?"
  • Gloriadara: "What are you, some kind of nature fiend?" Ivinnes says. "I don't care if it's a glorious day or not, just go away."
  • Kentari: Ivinnes says, "Did Kentari send you? I don't believe you. Kentari always did know how to sweeten me up, he'd have told anyone he sent. Get out of here, you imposter!" He waves his hands wildly, pushing you in the chest.
  • Kentari: "Fine man, if somewhat... flexible in his morals at times," Ivinnes says. "Though he's taken to singing the praises of the lady Faenella at her shrine in the Crossing nowadays. Just goes to show you never know how someone will wind up, now do you? I mean, look at me -- who'd have thought I would wind up in the Enclave all those years?"
  • Mihocha: Ivinnes frowns, saying, "How should I know where your hooch is? Let me tell you, young man, if you spent less time drinking and more time praising the gods, you'd find your life a lot more satisfying in the long run!"
  • Mihocha: Ivinnes smiles and says, "I remember her! Half frozen we were, nothing but the clothes on our backs and caught in a blizzard as we tried to make our way south to the Crossing. If Mihocha hadn't found us, we'd have all died that night. As is, poor Mindy..." His voice trails off as he shakes his head.
  • Mindy: "I don't have any candy. Aren't you a little old to be begging treats?" Ivinnes asks.
  • Mindy: "Dead, poor lass," Ivinnes sighs. "Tried to bring Al 'n me south after our folks died. Don't think my Erdennes could manage when he was her age."
  • Mirinn: Ivinnes growls, "Nearest inn's down near Kaerna. Mind, she'll charge you an arm and a leg for a room..." He mutters something under his breath.
  • Mirinn: Ivinnes says, "Mirinn was the gentlest person I ever knew, a true empath. Not many would take in two grieving boys as were no kin to her and raise them."
  • Ivinnes: Ivinnes nods curtly at you. "Yeah? What do you want?"
  • Vinny: Ivinnes glares at you. "I hate that name. Go away."
  • Wife: Ivinnes says, "You want to get married? Who's the lucky girl?"

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Ivinnes rubs the small of his back, grimacing slightly to himself.
  • Ivinnes adjusts the rope at his waist, causing the brass cow charms to jingle.
  • Looking skyward, Ivinnes softly murmurs a brief prayer.
  • Ivinnes peers around thoughtfully.