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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Langen was a Monk who moved to the "firth" on Lake Gwenalion and began brewing Langen's Ale. He is the namesake of Langenfirth.


240 Monk Langen arrives at firth, opens brewery. Source of name "Langenfirth"

Other timeline

240 AV Monk Langen arrives at the firth
242 AV Langen opens his brewery

Historical Guide to Langenfirth (book)

Soon, a young ferryman, tired of his employment working the ropes over the river between Riverhaven and northern Zoluren, counted his savings and set about having a rough barge built. The barge soon replaced canoes as the mode of travel across the lake, as it plied its way north with goods and passengers and returned with game, pelts and those weary of the rigors of the wilderness life. In time the young man married, and when his oldest son was of age, bequest him with a second barge, and the two plied the rivers for many years.

About this time an old monk arrived in the firth, both penniless and a bit touched in the head from years of isolated living in the Danduwen Forest. He claimed to be a brewer by trade and excitedly extolled the virtues of the lake waters. Most laughed at him, as the brown waters of the lake had an odd taste and were thought to carry "evil" airs, and were shunned as drinking water. He spent many a day convincing the unbelieving that the water was not "evil" but discolored from the mineral content of the surrounding forest. The untouched forests floor was a rich, peaty mulch, from centuries of decaying leaves, logs and underbrush. The runoff from rains carried the high mineral content into the lake, and here at the firth the water was perfect for brewing a great ale.

Langen was this monk's name, and he must have convinced someone, for he was soon producing a fine ale, quickly bought up by the traders and exported to Riverhaven. Known as Langen Ale from the Firth, it was popular from its inception. Most historians believe that this was the origin of the name Langenfirth.

Northern Customs (book)

Langen's Feast

On the third day of Ka'Len the Sea Drake, the people on the west bank of the Gwenalion Lake celebrate Langen's Feast.

We don't know the precise day when Langen, a Human monk, first crossed over the lake in the year two hundred and forty into a small firth, there a tiny fishing village. Historians have narrowed it down, though, and that is the date believed. But even if it is not accurate, that is the day the people of Langenfirth (later renamed in his honor) celebrate his coming.

Though at first shunned by the villagers, Langen won them over with his creation of one of the finest ales ever brewed, which he crafted from the waters of Lake Gwenalion. Langen's Ale was soon popular the world 'round. Langen taught his brewing secrets to his son when he died, and his son in turn passed them on when his time came.

Travelers come from all over to Langenfirth and the other villages along Lake Gwenalion's coast to celebrate Langen's Feast, which is complete with roasted meats from the forest animals, hunted by the villagers, fresh Gwenalion fish , and Langen's Ale. When the feast is over, though, no Langen's Ale remains.

Steelclaw Clan Bust

In the Langenfirth Room of the Kirm Morzindu:

The marble shows the likeness of a Human monk, his round face wreathed in a smile, with just a fringe of hair surrounding his bald crown. On the base are carved the words "Langen, Master Brewer and Pride of Langenfirth".