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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Nardel's Dwelling (Ranik Map 68a)
Type: shopowner

Doritee is the owner of Nardel's Dwelling, the herbalist shop in Shadow's Reach (68a).


The Human herbalist is but a small frail frame of a woman, yet something speaks of a strong will. Perhaps it is her dark green eyes calmly watching the children that enter her home, or the proud jaw line still showing the vestiges of a handsome woman. Even the rags that she wears as robes are adorned with warm pride.


Doritee smiles and exclaims, "If he says that I am older than he... Well, he is just playing you for a fool!"
  • Fenhalut: Doritee gives you a stern look and says, "He and I have come to an agreement. Only after their thirteenth name-day can a child pick up a weapon. Some remnant of sanity must remain."
  • Grimnur: Doritee says, "He, like I, will have some tasks for some of you to do."
  • Eothim: Doritee nods and says, "A very good example of necessity rising above tradition. His skill far outweighs anyone's objections to his race... still, he is hardly a fighter, even for an Elf!"
  • Brindle Roundtoe: Doritee chortles and says, "No, he is not one of my children, he is a Halfling. His blood has been here for a long time. He comes from good stock and sometimes he even gets candy brought down here for the children, bless his soul."
  • rangers: Doritee smiles warmly and says, "Most of them in these parts don't have time for foraging. I supply them with what they need. If you stand still out there to forage... well you most likely will not be coming back."
  • children: Doritee says warmly, "Oh the children, they keep me going."
Doritee sighs deeply.
She continues, "They all grow up too fast, especially this close to the wall. I bring what happiness this place can offer to them. I teach them to love life. When they pick up a weapon and join the fight I can only pray they remember my teachings."
  • Dark Hand: Doritee looks around and says, "Shhhh! The children might be around - no need getting them all terrified with that evil."
  • Emerald Knights: Doritee nods and says, "Nowadays they barely resemble what was once a great force. Too many folks like you, who only want coin and are not ready to lay down your lives to fight that evil."
Doritee snorts.