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Status: Unknown
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

Eludia is a cambrinth, Shadow Servant, Moongate, and Shadowling alterer (although not necessarily all at once), who first appeared during Hollow Eve Festival 436.


You see Starchanger Eludia Lunet, a Human Moon Mage.
Eludia has a heart-shaped face, sparkling jade eyes and a straight nose. Her silver hair is long and fine, and is worn coiled in an upswept twist. She has fair skin and a slender figure.
She is tall for a Human.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some flowing starlight velvet robes patterned with cambrinth crescent moons, a pair of jadeleaf cloth slippers with slightly curled toes and a supple shadowleaf workbag secured with a faceted glitterstar.


Eludia says, "For tonight, I will pick ten names and the list is set up randomly. My fee in general will be fifty platinum Kronars and I do use bank runners. My fee can increase or decrease based upon how pleasant I find you or if you lack wealth."

Eludia says, "I will alter cambrinth items and they can be part of clothing or containers."
Eludia says, "I will not change how much they hold or where they're worn."


Eludia says, "For today, I'll be working with fellow Moon Mages and their Moongates."
Eludia says, "Because of how detailed the work can be, I can only take up to 5 Moon Mages."
Eludia asks, "Are there any questions about the alteration?"
Eludia says, "Oh, I forgot to add the information on my sign, but the cost will be 1000 platinum Kronars."
Eludia says, "I will be working on all three Moongates."
Eludia says, "Which is why this session can run long."
Eludia says, "'Management lends us use of their bank runners."
Eludia says, "So it doesn't have to be in your pocket."
Eludia says, "They still need to be a Moongate."
Eludia says, "And Moongates are still Moongates, so it's not that you could start adding rare materials to them."
Eludia says, "They can be distinctly different."
Eludia says, "And I do take notes for those who have had the opportunity to work with me on Moongates."
Eludia says, "And I'll always prioritize those who haven't."