Lirum (person)

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Status: Dead
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Akroeg, Verek

Wife of Akroeg, the chieftain of Ram Clan and founder of the Empire. Had a major influence on his policies, but most of her history is lost. Her son, Verek, was the first emperor of the Empire.

The currencies of Therengia and Qi are named after her and bear her image.

Steelclaw Clan Tapestry

In the Therenborough Room of the Kirm Morzindu Arena:

The tapestry pictures a woman and a man standing before a throng with the bannered towers of Therenborough in the background. Across the top are the words "The Abolition of the Clans". Below the feet of the woman, whose arms are raised high in proclamation, is the name Lirum, and under the feet of the younger man is the name Verek.