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Halfrida Hegaleth
Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Zoluren

Halfrida Hegaleth is a Khalo rae Aev of the Empaths' Guild, currently active in Zoluren. She is best known as Khalo rae Moda Eksharo's aid, serving as his dog robber, general gofer and occasional investigator.

Halfrida has a very direct manner, and can sometimes be downright rude. Her penchant for snapping orders at Empaths she outranks has made her unpopular among her guildmates. Halfrida is very conservative, though not quite as bad as Eksharo, and deeply disapproves of shifting and the illicit use of other such 'forbidden knowledge.'


You see Khalo rae Aev Halfrida Hegaleth, a Human Empath.
Halfrida has a square-jawed face with frown lines around her mouth, wide-set ale-brown eyes and an upturned nose. Her black hair is shoulder length and curly with a white streak running through it, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a carved ironwood haircomb embellished with damaryn pearls. She has dark brown skin and an athletic figure.
She is tall for a Human.
She appears to be in her prime.

She is wearing a parry stick, a pair of soft-soled black leather slippers beaded with damaryn pearls, some snug dove-grey leggings with subtle charcoal piping along each seam, a silver lockpick ring, a leather hip pouch heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a nightingale in flight, a polished leather belt with a throwing dagger hanging from it, an albredine crystal ring, a heavy silver signet ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' Guild, a pair of fitted gloves, a small hide buckler, a dove-grey silk shirt adorned with subtle embroidery, a supple leather haversack, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan and a cowl crafted of heavy dove-grey silk.