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Status: Dead
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: shopowner

Daelus taught entrances and exits at both the Hollow Eve Festival 392, Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410 . Hollow Eve Festival 414, Hollow Eve Festival 417, and Hollow Eve Festival 421 festivals. He walked the Starry Road during the closing moments of Hollow Eve 432.


You see Daelus. He has close-set milky blue eyes. His grey hair is shoulder length and wavy. He has wrinkled skin. He is venerable for a Human. He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a snowy white turban fastened with an eye-shaped turquoise brooch, a brown canvas jacket with ash buttons, a soft white leine with scintillating prismatic dragons curling down its billowing sleeves, a pair of brown canvas pants with dark spots on the knees and some knee-high leather moccasins.

Hallow Eve Festival 406

Ask Daelus about fragment (with one in hand).
Daelus looks at your fragment with fascination. Daelus says, "That's a mighty fine lookin' rock you got there. Tell you what. I'll take that and give you some trinkets in exchange. Sound ok?"
Ask Daelus about fragment (again).

Daelus says, "Aaaahhh. Yes. Truly a fine specimen, for a rock I mean."
(first time) Daelus takes out a colorful bag painted with a scene of ghouls and ghosts and gives it a good shake, indicating that something is inside. Daelus hands it to you with a smile.
(subsequent times) Daelus smiles and deposits something in your colorful bag. In return, you hand Daelus your fragment.