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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

You see Scribe Lasto, a Human.
He has a round face without a jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, golden eyes, and a wide, rounded nose. His bald spot is surrounded by greying brown hair, and his pale skin has not seen sunlight recently. He has a plump build.
He is middle-aged.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a dark grey hooded scapular, an iron-banded red oak keg, a dark grey mantle, a bleached linen tunic tied with a leather belt, a modest writer's box with iron hinges and some simple monk's sandals.


Will alter the appearance (TAP/LOOK/READ) of most non-magical books.

  • Lasto says, "I work on books. Things I know I can work on are crafting insruction books, deed registers, textbooks, and epistemic journals from last year's Hollow Eve festival. Other books you can ask about. I will not work on books with spells written in them."
  • Lasto says, "My prices start at five platinum, but you may donate more to the monastery. Please have the coins on you as I do not rob banks."
  • Lasto says, "For the crafting books and deed registers, they must remain a book or register. I can work on the across the room appearance and the up close look."
  • Lasto says, "Specifically for the journals from last year's Hollow Eve, I can also update the look of the writing instrument and the strap, but they should remain less than five words. I will charge an extra twenty platinum to fashion a quill and strap."
  • Lasto says, "My only last rule is if I tell you I will not work on something, I will not work on it."
  • Gwenhwyfach asks, "What about a folio?"
  • Lasto says, "If you mean the kind of folios that hold spells, then no."
  • Lasto says, "I also will not write in your book, as someone already went through a lot of work to write in them."

Almanacs were also confirmed to be alterable at his session at Hollow Eve 436.