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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: alterer


You see Grellia, a Human.
Grellia has an oval face, silver-flecked hazel eyes and a straight nose. She has cropped grey-streaked bright orange hair, with pockmarked skin and a shapely figure.
She is tiny for a Human.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing an exquisite nightsilk haversack, some dove grey robes and some thin-soled velvet slippers with nightsilk laces.


Hollow Eve Festival 425

Alters atmospheric item messaging.

Grellia says, "My name is Grellia. I've come to speak with people about those tiny simulacra of life that add so much atmosphere to our daily lives."
Grellia says, "The work that I do will be very nearly magical, and it will cost. The atmosphere will still exist."
Grellia says, "The items that I specialize in tend to lend a bit of assistance above and beyond the things you can see."
Grellia says, "They may help with inner fire or concentration or vitality."
Grellia says, "For those who wish to have work done, I have opened the list. I am requiring a deposit of half the minimum charge. This is the waiting list, not the witch list."
Grellia says, "The minimum charge will be 5000 platinum dokoras. The price will go up from there. If you disagree with what I tell you is possible, the price will go up faster."
Grellia says, "Given the nature of my visit, the item may not require fangs when we're done. The messaging and the item must make sense together."
Grellia says, "If you had a pair of earcuffs that you wished to be identical at the end that is also negotiable."

Hollow Eve Festival 428

Grellia whispers, "OOC: I'll add ties to a non-scripted container - or upgrade your current tie item - like Rebecho-style stuff."

Grellia says, "Given the variety of services available, a list seemed wise."

A helpful pricelist reads:

"These are the prices. They can go up. They won't go down.
Add tie capacity to an item - 50 platinum.
One extra tie - 20 platinum
Add or change one noun - 20 platinum
Turn upgrade - 1000 platinum
Cosmetic change only - 25 platinum

Grellia says, "Turn upgrades can change your item so that you could wear it wherever it started, to perhaps on your belt. Not useful in some cases, but in the case of, say, a backpack.. could be popular. Next upgrade is to over the shoulder, and the third upgrade, the most expensive, allows the item to be worn just generally."