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Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: Progeny of Tezirah, Moon Mage Council Member
Relatives: Alicia, Erzebet, Jacqueline, Ona, Roberto

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Council Member Annisean, in conjuction with GrandMaster Taramaine, has taught the Guild the age old ability of event prediction! You learn it from your fellow Mages. Having the events of your future predicted will pass on the knowledge, so to learn, you need to find a Mage who knows and have them predict on you. Annisean mentioned a few important points. First of all, studying the sky for insight provides a hint of the future, though eventually you will learn all you can. It is possible to predict the future before learning all you can from the sky, but it's harder. You will also find that if you predict on members of other guilds, you will see things that affect them


You see Council Member Annisean Crowther-Dowlsa, a Human.
She has crystal blue eyes, shoulder length wavy dark brown hair that is tied back, and tanned skin.
She is in her prime for a Human.

She is wearing a simple silver ring inset with a crescent ilithi emerald, some snakeskin boots laced up the front with spidersilk, a pale blue satchel embroidered with the constellation of the Nightingale, a flowing dark blue dress decorated with shimmering crescent moons on the skirt and a crystal gwethdesuan.

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