Bacon Man

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Bacon Man
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Fang Cove (Ranik Map 150)
Type: merchant

The Bacon Man is the owner of Bacon Man (shop).


Looking about as cheerful as a person could possibly be, the Bacon Man is a middle-aged Human wearing a white apron, a white puffy hat, and a small round button emblazoned with a flying pig that reads "ASK ME ABOUT BACON!".


  • "Bacon may be cut from the back, sides or belly of the pig," comments the Bacon Man. "Different regions of Elanthia have different customs in that regard. The back and belly have more fat while the sides are more lean."
  • "Surprisingly good bacon can be made from bear," the Bacon Man remarks.
  • "There's a vendor called Snacky Happiness which has individual curls of crispy bacon for less than a handful of coppers apiece," confides the Bacon Man. "Saw 'em at a festival once."
  • The Bacon Man confides, "The Pig's Pannage in Tiger clan has some of the best beans and bacon I've ever had."
  • "The Oak Grove Caravansary on the northern trade road has beans and bacon, if I recall," muses the Bacon Man.
  • The Bacon Man says, "There is a Gor'Tog clan called Boar Clan after the damaska boars that lived in the forest there where it was founded."
  • "If you ever go to Saja's boarding house in Mer'Kresh," says the Bacon Man, "They'll sell you as much bacon as you can carry at a fair price by the piece."
  • "A 2000 stone pig will yield about 200 stone of bacon, depending on the butchering process," the Bacon Man remarks.
  • "In Arthe Dale there are no less than three kinds of bacon tarts available," gushes the Bacon Man. "At the Arthe Hollow Inn, they have a mushroom and bacon tart that is quite wonderful. At Thipbeet's, they have a bacon and scallops tart, as well as a breakfast tart where the bacon is mixed with scrambled egg and hash browns. I like all three of them!"
  • "There are several sources for the bacon we sell here," the Bacon Man explains. "In addition to regular domestic pigs we also acquire bacon from wild, heggerangi and damaska boars, and small and bristleback peccaries."
  • "At the last festival I attended," the Bacon Man says, "a salvage company called Illwind & Sons was selling some ground donkey meat wrapped in bacon and sauteed with pepper and onions." He ponders for a moment. "I wasn't so sure about eating donkey, but if it's wrapped in bacon what's not to like?"
  • "The god Idon has been known to turn people into pigs if he thinks they are more beautiful or handsome than he is," says the Bacon Man.
  • "The boar is sacred to Everild," the Bacon Man says sagely.
  • The Bacon Man says thoughtfully, "The Dwarves have a word, 'gris', which means 'pig' in their language."
  • "The Ilithic word for pig is 'scuna'." The Bacon Man ponders, then grins suddenly. "I don't know why, but it just seems odd to me the Elves have a word for pigs!"
  • "The Prydaens call the pig 'yegavi' in their tongue," says the Bacon man.
  • "The Toggish word for pig is 'wiya'," says the Bacon Man knowledgeably.
  • "A word for pig in Olvi is 'sika'", says the Bacon Man. "But that is far from the only one. In fact, the Halflings have over 100 different words just for bacon!"
  • The Bacon Man says, "The word for pig in Gerenshuge is 'bantal'."