Wolf Clan

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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: 9,000
Established: early 300s AV
Alternate Names: Trefan Ulf
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Wolfjaw Ironbeard
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


Play.net Description: Wolf Clan is a settlement of human barbarians far west of The Crossing. Consisting of several shops, a trading post, and a renowned leatherworker, the clan offers their simple trades with earnest. Striving to survive amidst the monstrous ogres, Wolf Clan meets any challenge with barbaric ferocity.

Government, History, and Background

Government Type

One Chieftain leads the rest of the clan.

Prominent People


From Historian Zelka, building upon the work of Zuebara Pulan in the book The Human Clans:

Originally a Clan of nomadic warriors, Wolf Clan appeared under that name after the Human migration to the East. Following a Moon Mage prophecy that set about the origin of the Clan, the people of Wolf Clan remained a fierce, but wandering, tribe eking their way through eastern Kermoria for quite some time.

It was in the early part of the third century AV that the people finally settled down in the Wildulf Woods of midwestern Zoluren. Their prophecy, they felt, had been fulfilled by the deeds of Wolfjaw Ironbeard, and they could cease their endless wanderings.

The people of modern Wolf Clan live as hunters, fishermen, and mercenaries, and some of their warriors go on to join the ranks of the Zoluren Army. The village additionally has a bustling trade in rare pelts and skins, dyes, and animal products for the enhancement of magic, foresight, and healing.

There is a steady stream of merchants in and out of the village because of this, but from an outsider's perspective it still isn't particularly enticing to stay for a longer term if comforts and modernity are what you are after. Wolf Clan homes and other buildings are spartan even by Clan standards and the town is kept dark at night so as not to attract any Gor'Tog raiders from the nearby settlements.

While other writings make note of the famed beauty of Wolf Clan women, my extensive time living with the Clan allows me to correct the rather hideous exoticism displayed in some of these other accounts. Tales of them being particularly sultry and filled with 'wild abandon' are gross misunderstandings of a culture that is incredibly egalitarian, and as thus, has women who are, by and large, as unashamed of their bodies and their natures as any man. Due to these misunderstandings, many outsiders have run afoul of Wolf Clan women, taking their open natures as overtures for illicit encounters where no such thing was intended on the woman's part at all. From this, stories of men from outside of the Clan being murdered or mutilated in retaliation for 'partaking' in a Wolf Clan woman became widespread, when, in fact, these were simple instances of the woman and her family educating the outsider on Clan manners and not taking liberties without actually ensuring the woman was interested in whatever they intended to do.

See also "Trefan Ulf -- The Wolf Clan Home" by Hagynn Atkyn.

Locations About Town


Unique Shops and Services


Bars, Inns, and Taverns

Prominent Hangouts

  • The clearing in the southern part of the village offers a food and drink buffet which is why it tends to be the most popular area of town.

Important Activities


  • The closest area to gain favors is at the traditional favor location out the western gate of the Crossing.

Task Givers

  • If you want a task, you should head to the nearby city of Crossing as it is the closest city with task givers.


  • Barbarians might find themselves in town to find a dance teacher.





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