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Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: shopowner, alterer

Darix owns Signs of the Times.

He has been known to alter the blank signs he sells. Sometimes he works with wooden items and can be pursuaded to work with leather, but only alters it with natural themes, not including gems.


You see Nature's Artisan Darix, Legendary Ranger of Elanthia, a Human.
Darix has brilliant crystal blue eyes that sparkle with an unexpected youthfulness, belying the weathered age showing in his craggy face. He has thinning grey hair, bushy silver eyebrows and an athletic, wiry figure. He is clean-shaven.
Time and hard work has taken its toll, giving him a weathered but spry sort of agelessness.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an eagle feather tied to a leather strap, a journeyman's cloak made of fur-lined dark hides, a gnarled black walking staff carved with twining vines, a teak hunter's longbow decorated with fox-tails, a rowan short bow inset with a pair of warcat fangs, a bushy backpack, a warcat suede fighting shirt with dark leather lashings, some aged firecat-skin leathers, some slim leather pants beaded in bone with twining leaves and some cuffed forester's boots.