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Emuin Laufi
Status: Unknown
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Esuin

Notorious Cleric and brother of Esuin.

From Pentaith's Notes

Emuin was a Cleric that did not serve the Thirteen Gods. He was dedicated to creating balance in the lands. When Emuin found a way to summon, and control the Undead, he did so. Unfortunately, the controlling did not work as he had planned. Emuin managed to contain most of the damage, but several other Clerics (three, known) had learned the ritual.

These three summoned the undead, which they could not control at all. The undead began destroying shrines, and seeking Emuin, whom they sought to gain the attention of. These undead stole the Chalice used in the ritual of Resurrection.

Emuin seemed to have a great love for the Bardess named Wren Windflower, but he knew nothing could ever come of that love.

In a battle at Urrem'tier's Shrine, Emuin was killed, and his soul walked the Starry Road.

From The Undying Threat

Necromancer Emuin, who created undead which he set loose upon the holy grounds of the Five Provinces, using them to eliminate the sanctified natures of those places. Shrines, temples, and reliquaries were not safe from Emuin's undead. He would destroy the sacred blessings which enabled an altar to function and perform the will of the Immortals... and he sacked places of refuge, stealing and destroying holy artifacts, such as the divine Chalice. All of this he accomplished by relying upon beings he created through undeath magics. The Necromancer Emuin created a particularly dangerous and fearful breed of undead which he called Bony Fylgja.

Trading Card

Emuin, a Human Cleric, had the ability to summon and control the undead. He shared this knowledge with three others and thus caused the desecration of many altars in the provinces of Zoluren and Therengia by a scourge of bony fylgja. He sacrificed himself at Urrem'tier's altar in Zaulfung with hopes that the defilements would stop. He is survived by his brother Esuin, who is the Guildleader in The Crossings Cleric Guild.

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