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Emuin Laufi
Status: Dead
Guild: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Esuin
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Notorious Cleric and brother of Esuin.

The ghost of Emuin Laufi will only appear before necromancers who have found Redemption, and will teach them magic from the Anabasis spellbook. He can be found roaming inside a church on Aesry Surlaenis'a.


You see Emuin Laufi, a young Human man brimming with a soft ivory glow.
Emuin's mismatched eyes, one dark and the other hazel, convey at once a deep sorrow and a cherished zeal. He has short amber hair, with translucent skin.
He appears dressed in simple hunting clothes, the edges of which are constantly fraying into vapor.

From Pentaith's Notes

Emuin was a Cleric that did not serve the Thirteen Gods. He was dedicated to creating balance in the lands. When Emuin found a way to summon, and control the Undead, he did so. Unfortunately, the controlling did not work as he had planned. Emuin managed to contain most of the damage, but several other Clerics (three, known) had learned the ritual.

These three summoned the undead, which they could not control at all. The undead began destroying shrines, and seeking Emuin, whom they sought to gain the attention of. These undead stole the Chalice used in the ritual of Resurrection.

Emuin seemed to have a great love for the Bardess named Wren Windflower, but he knew nothing could ever come of that love.

In a battle at Urrem'tier's Shrine, Emuin was killed, and his soul walked the Starry Road.

From The Undying Threat

Necromancer Emuin, who created undead which he set loose upon the holy grounds of the Five Provinces, using them to eliminate the sanctified natures of those places. Shrines, temples, and reliquaries were not safe from Emuin's undead. He would destroy the sacred blessings which enabled an altar to function and perform the will of the Immortals... and he sacked places of refuge, stealing and destroying holy artifacts, such as the divine Chalice. All of this he accomplished by relying upon beings he created through undeath magics. The Necromancer Emuin created a particularly dangerous and fearful breed of undead which he called Bony Fylgja.

Trading Card

Emuin, a Human Cleric, had the ability to summon and control the undead. He shared this knowledge with three others and thus caused the desecration of many altars in the provinces of Zoluren and Therengia by a scourge of bony fylgja. He sacrificed himself at Urrem'tier's altar in Zaulfung with hopes that the defilements would stop. He is survived by his brother Esuin, who is the Guildleader in The Crossings Cleric Guild.


Emuin gives you a small smile and shakes his head.
[You can ask him about Emuin, Esuin, Tallis, Wren, Gorbesh, fylgja, necropolis, Old Man, Perversion, Redemption, Transcendence, magic, specific spells, or preparation.]

"Not much to look at anymore," Emuin says ruefully. "I reached too far and thought I could... Ah, never mind. I have walked the Starry Road, and I have been brought back. A fitting penance I suppose, an eternity guiding those whose intentions were worse than mine to a salvation I sought too late. We all leave things unfinished. That's what dying is." He chuckles, and looks at you expectantly.

Emuin's form quavers, losing coherence a moment. He looks at you, his ethereal eyes sad, and then he averts his gaze. "He deserved better than what I did. I wish I could... apologize."

"She was the mistress of the Cleric guildhall in Crossing when my brother still resided here on Surlaenis," Emuin says bitterly. "She has risen in power and made Esuin suffer with her mistrust. He had to change his family name to escape the shame and guilt. All because of me."

Emuin sighs, the sound of weeping willows swaying. "Ah, Wren Windflower. Blessed by Faenella, and so very charming, sweet and kind. It was she who set me upon the path of Redemption. For her sake, I had to stop the fylgja, which were out of my control by then. For her sake, I had to give myself to Urrem'tier. She was taken by the Gorbesh after my death. I failed her, as I did my brother."

Emuin's hazel eye smolders like an old ember. "Those savages! May they burn for what they did to my Wren," he whispers harshly.

A pained look crosses Emuin's spectral countenance. "My greatest sin. Long ago, when my faith as a Cleric faltered and I searched for meaning without gods, I raised undead creatures known as the fylgja. That folly brought nothing but terror and sorrow to me and the world. A fylgja is capable of far-reaching desecration, and perhaps even more direly, of slipping into the spiritual plane. They're still out there, still hunting the Holy."

As if seeing beyond the walls of the church, Emuin gazes around himself with a fond if bleak smile. "Esuin and I used to roam this place and cleanse it of the undead. How everything changes."

"A curiosity, isn't he?" Emuin muses. "I lay much of the blame for all this at his feet, having opened so many doors he should have left shut. Though I do not doubt someone else would have opened them. At least now he is offering us a choice."

Emuin mutters, "Disgusting. Monstrous. Profane. What a waste, turning one's back on the love of the Immortals, playing so frivolously with one's soul." He looks away. "I should know."

"Your reason for being here, no?" Emuin asks. "For what is purpose absent Their grace? You have seen the road before you and like me realized the error of your ways. At least you still have time. You're lucky -- you can still be saved in this life."

"What hubris, to think you could achieve Their glory," Emuin says. "It is a lie, and the road it led you down accomplished nothing more than empowering the Demonic host clamoring for entry to our lands. In the end, you will only prolong the inevitable, and They will not be there for you. You were wise to turn away from such foolishness while you still could. Never falter, {character}."

Growing noticeably more solemn, Emuin declaims, "Anabasis is deeply different from any other magic you've known. It is no necromancy, but certainly not something the good peoples of Elanthia will understand, either. The Immortals see and judge, {character}, which is all that matters. These spells are a return to Their grace, and they are penitence and hope most heartbreaking, as you shall find out for yourself every day.
Now, I can tell you of the Solace spell from the Anabasis book."
[To learn about a spell, ASK EMUIN ABOUT <spell name> SPELL.]
[To acquire a spell, CHOOSE <spell name> SPELL.]

Emuin says, "You're an astute one. Yes, I can teach you to prepare your spells like a Cleric."
[Ask Emuin about PREPARATION again in the next 30 seconds to learn the Holy spell preparation as a special preparation technique. See PREPARE /HELP for more information.]

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