Kir Dor'na'torna

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Kir Dor'na'torna
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: Nomad of the Arid Steppe, Moon Mage Council Member

Signed Lunar Accord for Skindancers. Human.

Likely abandoned by parents, he was adopted by the D'Reathor, one of the more powerful tribes of the Steppe. After being forced to take drugs, had visions for five days, which made him the "local idiot". He was abandoned the following winter. When he returned, he was strong, purposeful, and strangely charismatic. He took leadership of the tribe and, over the next few years, all of the nomads of the Arid Steppe.

After sixty years, he felt something was missing -- bones. He disappeared, fearing violence would break out again. It did not.

From "Denizens of the Plane of Probability":
"Only one other shadow being has show the capacity for true conversation: the Umbramagus. These two-headed beings are dreadful in many other ways, bearing a resemblance to particular ancient icons of the G'nar Pethians and other groups. Though it is the equivalent of blasphemy to say, some even feel that the legendary Kir Dir'na'torna was possessed - or at least influenced -- by such an Umbramagus during his vision quest."

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