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Grell Pel'Cora
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Gylwyn

Important figure in the events surrounding the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. Practiced Lunar magic, but was denied entry to the guild by the entire High Council. As a hired hand, he was among those present for the shadow master event (ca. 290 AV) at the obelisk under the Crossing's Moon Mage guildhall. Taramaine gave him a full pardon following the conclusion of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy event.

He was injured by a shard of the obelisk that was destroyed during the aforementioned shadow master event. Taramaine wanted to capture him in order to study the shard as well as its effects.

During early MWP, Erzebet and others accused him of having Dragon Priest ties, which he did not entirely deny.

Was Gylwyn's lover, and had at one point forced her to give up her position as Moon Mage guildleader in Shard.

Trading Card

An enigmatic man; this thief and mercenary was once denied entry into the Moon Mage Guild by a unanimous proclamation of the Council (even amidst rumors of a secret love affair with Gylwyn, one of their Guildleaders). He once hired a madman to assassinate the Guildmaster Prime, all in a quest to acquire ancient artifacts which the Guild was also seeking. Grell always seemed to know more than he should, and always stayed one step ahead of his enemies.

From Rigby's summary of the MWP was Grell who came to Andraethu that day, killed him, and took the brass semisphere - the trapezoid was nowhere to be found, and some suspect that a Moon Mage adventurer now possesses it. Andraethu, drained of favors, walked. Grell took the brass semisphere to Gylwyn, who, oddly nervous, convinced him to turn it over to the Moon Mage Council. He reluctantly agreed, and Council Member Elvaka claimed the device.

From Ranik's Encyclopedia

Grell is a mercenary, bounty hunter, and a man overall cloaked in mystery. Little is known of his past, little of his present. For a time he worked for the Dragon Priests, but that contract seems to have ended. Grell has been known to have been having a relationship with Guildmistress Gylwyn, of the Moon Mages. Grell has never been a member of the Moon Mage Guild (he was denied entry by the entire Council) even though he uses lunar magic. Guildmistress Gylwyn was under Council investigation under the suspicion that she betrayed the Guild by teaching him its secrets. The nature of his involvement in the events of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy are not fully understood. He had been pursuing Penelope for a while, for unknown reasons. When she died, though, he proclaimed in concert with Demosel that she may have been our only hope. Grell was implicated by Andraethu in the attempted assassination of Taramaine. Andraethu claimed that Grell hired him to perform the deed.


You see Mister Grell Pel'cora, a Human.

You cannot make out his features with the clothing he is wearing. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a grey felt highwayman's cloak, a dark iron scabbard with the World Dragon engraved along its length, black velvet breeches, a ruffled linen swordsman's shirt, tall black leather boots and a silver key with a spider-web design on the grip.